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‘Twas only a matter of time: Gangnam Style, Fresno style

Judging from “SNL” and what I see on morning news shows, it seems like the viral video sensation “Gangnam Style” — a song from Korean rapper Psy with more than 220 million YouTube views — has now trickled down to the mainstream. So don’t be surprised when your mom asks you about it next week.

Here in Fresno, party rap outfit 2Tallin’ — which is basically our version of LMFAO — has put an English spin on “Gangnam Style. The video, released last Thursday, has more than 11,000 views already. If you dig the 2Tallin’ sound, be sure to catch ‘em at The Standard one week from today.

Here’s a local dancer named The Kidd (aka Murphy Yang) who posted his own “Gangnam Style” dance on YouTube:

Credit where its due, though: The Fresno Grizzlies were the first locally to jump on the “Gangnam Style” craze, with their Drag Kings dancers doing a performance to the song back in August. Video below:

Responses to "‘Twas only a matter of time: Gangnam Style, Fresno style"

The drag king second from the left is an awesome dancer! (How much of a geek am I that I first heard about Gangnam style on NPR?)

Stephen says:

The Drag Kings really are my favorite part of Grizzly games.

Bob says:

If you really want to make it like “Gangnam Style,” it should be called “Riverpark Style” because Gangnam is a wealthy part of Seoul where people are very showy with their money.

The video for “Gangnam Style” is a parody of that lifestyle.

Bob says:

Oh the irony of 2Tallin appearing at The Standard

Patty says:

That’s Marc Gonzalez! He’ll be in the cast of Rocky Horror Show at the Severance Theater here in Fresno in late October. Go see the show!