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Conan and Fresno: A relationship that just won’t quit

No, last week’s Conan to Fresno message wasn’t the end of The Great Bobblehead Fiasco of 2012â„¢ as I had hoped. In fact, Conan O’Brien was chatting about Fresno again last night in a “Fan Correction” segment where a college student combats Conan’s claim that Fresno slandered him.


Conan’s being a murderer and pervert aside, Honorary Fresnan of the Day college student Ben raises a good point: Fresno did not, in fact, slander Conan. We now demand reparations from Conan in the form of Andy Richter — the real thing, not a bobblehead — as Timmy T’s servant for a day.

Conan bobblehead2.png

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Responses to "Conan and Fresno: A relationship that just won’t quit"

JoyUnconfined says:

You know… it was a brief affair, and we tried so hard to make it work. But still, he dumped us, broke up with us, and now he just won’t leave us alone…

Conan. Move on. It was a tempestuous relationship. We did nothing but adore you, and you mocked us at every turn. But it’s over now. It’s time for you to find a new love to torture.

May I suggest… Fresno, Texas? Same great name… less population to piss off.