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Announcing: Ultimate Fair Food Feast-Off at The Big Fresno Fair

Hey, competitive-eating wannabes, this is for you! The Beehive and are proud to announce the Ultimate Fair Food Feast-Off happening Oct. 10 at The Big Fresno Fair.

We’ve assembled a list of fair foods — some staples like corndogs and cinnamon rolls, some oddballs, nine things total — that five finalists will try to chow their way through. The fastest will win a pair of front-row tickets to see Weezer and a special trophy recognizing their gastrolific accomplishment.

Watch this:

Are you interested? If so, make a video showing us why you should be in the Ultimate Fair Food Feast-Off and post it here. You have until Sept. 30 to post your video. Starting Oct. 1, people will vote for their favorites and the top five vote-getters will earn a spot at the event.

Now go watch “Man vs. Food” and get inspired.

Responses to "Announcing: Ultimate Fair Food Feast-Off at The Big Fresno Fair"

Heather says:

LOL at the poor guy in the back trying to eat his lunch in peace while you two circus clowns monkey around.

Mike Oz says:

We gave him some leftover He-Man. He was cool about it.

Fi says:

Hard to believe that in an area of the country with one of the biggest obesity problems as well as one of the biggest hunger problems this is what someone thought was a good idea. Distasteful, ignorant and lacking imagination is more like it. Well thanks for keeping up the local rep anyways.

Mike Oz says:

So you won’t be submitting a video, I guess.

luis says:

No soup….corn dog for you!

Precious says:

Hahahaha! I suppose his name is Slim. And btw, a small person can win as well as a large person, thank u XD

HarmsWayChad says:

Very tempting but I feel it would put the 20 lbs I have lost back on me in one (what could be) fatal swoop………oh well bring on the high blood pressure and high cholesterol!

Mikey Z says:

What if we have an asshat problem because people can’t kick back and enjoy themselves because they take life too seriously?

Just food for thought, my friend.