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Best sandwich in the Central Valley?


On Wednesday, the Travel Channel’s “Best Sandwich in America” wound down a few months’ worth of shows and crowned a winner. After crossing the country and narrowing it down to 10 finalists, host Adam Richman (of “Man vs. Food” fame) handed the best sandwich honor to the roast pork sandwich at DiNic’s in Philadelphia.

The other day, I caught the episode where Richman picked his West Coast winner. Not surprisingly, the three sandwiches featured on the show came from San Francisco, San Diego and Los Angeles. The San Diego sandwich was eventually picked the best on the West Coast. It came from Phil’s BBQ and — are you ready for this, Fresnans? — was a tri-tip sandwich.

All this got me pondering: What’s the best sandwich in Fresno? There’s the tri-tip at Doghouse Grill, Le Grilled Cheese at Dusty Buns, TBA at Sunnyside Deli, any number of options at Sam’s Italian Deli or Piemonte’s or my current fave, the jalapeno pulled-pork at Keith’s BoxCar Cafe. And that’s just Fresno. What about Madera and Visalia and Kingsburg and Sanger and the rest?

So let’s open this one to your comments: What’s the best sandwich in the Central Valley? The Beehive apologizes in advance for any tummy-rumbling this may cause.

Responses to "Best sandwich in the Central Valley?"

Kavi Kapur says:

Tri Tip at Mikes Grill

priscilla says:

Le Grilled Cheese duh!

Lisa Maria Boyles says:

Since you’ve already mentioned Dusty Buns’ Le Grilled Cheese, I have to add The Everything sandwich from Geno’s.

Steve says:

$8 Burgers or sandwiches at Eagle Springs GC. Chicken sandwich with your choice of about a dozen toppings, including avocados,BACON, Blue cheese… with salad, fries or homemade onion rings. Delish! Its a deal!

gena says:

love the doghouse tri-tip and DB’s le grilled cheese. but to inject some asian ethnic flavor into the mix, i gotta give it to the bbq pork banh mi at pho #1 on mckinley and first.

Danielle says:

Bahama Club at Irenes – on a croissant!

Azure says:

Meatball sub at Piemontes!

Steve Skibbie says:

Dukes Downtown on Tulare by the Chuk. The Philly cheesesteak there is my new fave.


Grilled cheese? I can order that at home.

Kaci says:

One that comes to mind from Visalia is Watson’s Veggie Garden’s “Mediterranean” sandwich on whole-grain sprouted bread with the addition of avocado. I’m not even vegetarian and I love this sandwich.

Another one in Visalia is Picnic Sandwich Shop’s Tuna Sandwich with avocado (it has a name, but I can’t remember it). I like that the tuna isn’t loaded with mayonnaise like most other places, and they are very generous with the portion of tuna. There is a great selection of freshly-baked breads from their bakery that you can have it on. Their lettuce is finely shredded, and they serve it with tomato and a pickle spear on the side. A lot of people might see it as just a regular sandwich, but working in downtown Visalia for 7+ years, this one really stood out to me for the above reasons.

Cheen_Gao says:

I dig the Craiger at DogHouse Grill and the tuna/avocado/sprouts/cream cheese at Deli Delicious.

Kaci says:

Ah…I forgot to mention what was ON Watson’s Meditteranean Sandwich: green leaf lettuce, bread & butter pickles, Kefir cheese (yogurt/cream cheese blend), sprouts, and cucumber.

Another one in Visalia that is KILLER is Philly’s! Even the vegetarian cheesesteak is amazing (eggplant and portabello). Be sure to go right when they open, because at lunchtime, this place is slammed!

Michael says:

While simple, I really dig the french dip at Sheppards Inn.

Michael says:

A whopper at McDonalds.

Christy says:

I’m from Fresno and now live in San Diego and Doghouse Grill is SO much better than Phils! Doghouse is one of the highlights of visiting Fresno!

Le Grilled Cheese from Dusty Buns, FTW!!

Mike Pereira says:

How’s it going! I play music and have traveled far and wide and on top of that am a food lover. This blog has me salivating already! Mike I have to say one of the best sandwich’s I’ve ever had anywhere can be found at The Cosmopolitan on Fresno and G street created by Chef Joey Lanfranco. The delicious mouth watering masterpiece is called The Tri Tip Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich. So good, so good!

JamesMichael says:

Chicken sandwich from Boston House of Pizza in Hanford , so underrated . Mediterranean style chicken , feta , olives , Crisp lettuce ,and this garlic sauce just mesh so damn well . I really wish they had a Fresno location . The Philly @TakoBbq is amazing as well, so many choices .

I am a big fan of all the sandwiches at The Cosmopolitan Tavern in Downtown Fresno, especially the BBQ Beef. Also, Ruben’s Rib Shack, Clinton and Fresno gets me pretty excited, I do the Pulled Pork and if you like spicy, try Ruben’s Ghost Chile Sauce.

JamesMichael says:

Meatball sub@ Geno’s . I’d trade my dog for that one.

Bob says:

Give me Phil’s over Doghouse any day! The ribs at Phil’s dominates the overrated Doghouse and its tritip. Besides, Doghouse is just a ripoff of SLO Brewery.

Bradley says:

Hot pastrami, New York style, on marbled rye, at Cosmo

Sam’s Special, Sam’s Deli

Italiano paninni on Jalapeño Bread, Charlotte’s.

Michelangelo, with OV, Piemonte’s.

DesE says:

The Nine Palms from PCH subs on Herndon & Fowler is sooo good! It has ham & pineapple with jalapeños & pepper jack cheese. After Sam’s Deli they’re my next favorite sandwich place.

randumb says:

No way bro. If anything it’s a rip off of Firestone’s in SLO, but since it’s the same owner it’s not technically a rip off. Haha.

Marc M. says:

Along with what’s been mentioned already (Le Grilled Cheese, Doghouse Grill tri-tip, etc.), I’ll add these two to the list:

- Eggman @ Dusty Buns

- Steak Special @ Boston House of Pizza (Lemoore)

Michael says:

The torta at the Red Wave!

pk says:

Peidmonte’s special….always #1
and newly like:
–big enough for two people sandwiches!
Dog House….Solid, always good!

DLR says:

Mike’s Grill Tri-Tip

Dusty Bun from Dusty Buns

TBA From Sunnyside

Deb Keldrauk says:

Sunnyside Deli’s TBA has my vote.

Eli Reyes says:

The California at Full O Bull or the tri tip sandwich at Berrock shop!

Jodi Phillips says:

My vote goes to the Torta Ahorgada with avocado at Raspados California. You can pick mild , medium or hot for the spice. Add lime to taste and you have a meal. They are located at 4592 N. Blackstone Ave. They also have the best shaved ices with a variety of flavors. Yum !!!

Philly Cheesesteak at Full o’ bull!

Chris Bochin says:

Maw and Paw’s BBQ on Clovis Ave, N of McKinley. Get the Brisket!

Dog House a solid second.

Bryan Harley says:

Tri-Tip Cheesesteak from Cosmo.

Rose Rubio says:

The dusty bun and le grilled cheese are the best

ChrisJ says:

I loved the roasted bell pepper on focacia at Salumneria’s, which went out of business. The Togo’s a few blocks north is still doing fine however.

Jay Bryan says:

Caesears special from Caesars deli in Bakersfield great meat cheese fresh roll meat sauce with peppers just a great sandwich or try the pickled beef tongue sandwich you won’t be dissapointed with either

Wes Chin says:

Geno’s @ Blackstone and Ashlan. Been going there 30+ years. They consistently have the Freshest, Best Tasting sandwiches around.

Lisa says:

Turkey, bacon, avocado at Sunnyside Deli ~ delish!

michelle says:

Genos sandwiches on Ashlan/Blackstone (Hot pastrami with avocado & cream cheese with everything on it !!!!!

michelle says:

I agree!!

Wes says:

My fav is a medium roast beef turkey Swiss with everything and extra peppers. Hot pastrami is another one of favs. Avocados and cream chse sounds interesting. I’m trying that!

Anonymous says:

One of the best kept secrets in Fresno, The Berrock Shop! They have one of the best tri tip sandwiches in Fresno, they put it on their homemade hamburger bun, it’s the perfect sandwich. They have many other spectacular sandwiches on the menu a wild chicken with ranch dressing, a grilled turkey and swiss and many more. You can combine them with their homemade deli salads or amazing french fries!! People should check them out, their food is wonderful and staff is very nice and the cost is very affordable for a delicious homemade meal!!

Kathy Omachi says:

For my two (maybe three)cents worth of opinion the best local hambuger is the bacon cheese burger at the Quick Fire Grill in Reedley. But since my heart (and stomach) is always in Frenso Chinatown – I live by the best tortas in Fresno at Able’s La Elegante (the very first winner’s of the Taco Truck Throw Down) and right next door to Rosie’s Floral (this year’s blue ribbon winner of the Fresno Home and Garden Show – she honored the labors of the farm workers. Remember Fresno Chinatown in your hearts and of course stomachs!

Nomes says:

Any sandwich from Dusty Buns! The Le Grilled is pretty amazing…