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Timmy T gets upset about Conan bobblehead, renounces key to the city

Timmy T — the local crooner who found the No. 1 spot on Billboard with his 1991 hit “One More Try” — isn’t too happy about all the attention the city has given Conan O’Brien and his bobblehead gag. And he’s doing something in protest: giving up the key to the city he was given back in ’91.

I realize this sounds like it could be some fake new story from The Onion, but it’s not. Those of you who follow The Beehive know that Timmy T has become something of an Internet jester in recent years, so this all could be some attention-grab for him. Whatever his motivation, the Facebook posts are priceless:


Then on Wednesday, he posted this:


At last update, the top bid was $150. Part of me kinda wants to begin a Kickstarter to buy Timmy T’s key then display it publicly for all of Fresno to enjoy.

With a star of Timmy T’s stature, I’m sure that would become as much of a tourist attraction as the Conan bobblehead. If not more.

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Responses to "Timmy T gets upset about Conan bobblehead, renounces key to the city"

MsJoey says:

slow news day?

Mike Oz says:

News day? The Beehive is more about keeping your Fresnocentric brain entertained.

Blair says:

Oh no! The mayor is undoing all the hard work Timmy T put in to make Fresno cool?!?!?!?!

lorina says:

hey timmy t? wow last time I heard he got his arm broken with a crow bar by some girl named raquel ….she went to prison.

I will probably get banished from the beehive for saying this but Timmy has done way more in his life than most of us will ever do in our lifetime, He is extremely accomplished, just look at his biography, platinum records, etc.

He does have a valid point, why is our mayor wasting so much time and energy over this conan thing, as well as the bee. Celebrities mention many cities quite often in their routines and you dont see them continually write about it or have their leaders write letters to a tv show?
and judging by the number of posts that have been done about him (most negative) perhaps the beehive somehow looks up to him?
Thats just my view point

Bryan Harley says:

Publicity stunt, for sure.

Conlan says:

Honest question: Has the city, in an official capacity, actually done anything else besides sending that initial letter (which probably took an assistant all of 15 minutes to write and send)? I may be out of the loop.

Bradley T says:

Because it’s fun? Sound like you could stand to have a little more fun in your life too — how much time do you really think it takes to write a letter?

Layne T says:

Nice try, Timmy.

pk says:

I am always happy to hear Fresno mentioned in a good way in any media….
That is the standard.

Heather says:

I hope nobody thinks Fresno is a backward ass, cow-tipping hick town because Timmy T hasn’t mastered fourth grade grammar and punctuation rules.

WD says:

Hey, check this out, it’s local, Valentino’s, and really cool…just sayin’.

Layne T says:

I’m pretty sure “i before e except after c” is taught in the third grade.

I don’t think that Mrs. Swearengin’s letter gave the impression that she lives in a “Double Wide Mobile Home.� I do on the other hand wish more attention was focused on the current negotiations with public safety unions. The city has known for over ten years that police and fire fighter compensation was going to be an issue. I’d like to see our civic energy spent more on communicating, understanding and solving internal civic issues rather than on PR stunts.

Spin Dr. says:

I’ll buy the key and give it to Conan!

Terry says:

What stature? Someone out there gives a crap about Timmy T? haha. That one hit wonder is just like any other Fresno resident.

b2burns says:

Grow up, Timmy!

Jeff says:

Timmy who?

And an ellipses looks like this …, otherwise I am unfamiliar withe the double period to end a sentence.

1991 was a very good year.

Thank you for entertaining us. :) says:

It took a week for the beehive to do some sort of “control spin” on the noise Timmy was making…but I knew it was coming for sure. The one thing everyone should question is why there are multiple stories on Timmy in the Beehive? And it’s not because it’s a slow news week either.Rest assured, it isn’t the last time Timmy becomes a point of interest in here and all you take the bait everytime. Mike can call Timmy a crooner (used term for certain artist in the 30′s & 40′s) all he wants instead of properly calling him a local freestyle artist. Wonder why other publications outside Fresno note him as that or make mention of his Platinum status from long ago (which still stands today btw)?Bottom line is, The Mayor getting mentioned on Conan was comedy and all America loved it….lol….but the Mayor wasn’t any part of the comedic writing team or contributor as she may think, but rather the punchline herself along with Fresno. But that just flew over most of your heads didn’t it.