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Tonight: A Tuesday that begs you to get out of the house

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Do you remember when Tuesdays used to the day to go see a band in this city? I do. And I can’t help but notice that tonight’s Tuesday night entertainment harkens back to those days. Some good stuff ahead of you, Fresno. So go see a show.

AT AUDIE’S OLYMPIC: L.A. punk/bluegrass band Old Man Markley arrives for a tour stop thanks to Numbskull Shows. The band is playing here before doing a run of dates with Me First and the Gimme Gimmes. [More]

AT FULTON 55: Love the Captive brings us Portland band Aan (as heard on last week’s Ozmosis) plus much-buzzed-about local indie rock band Light Thieves as main support. The bill also features Greener By Color and Actress. [More]

AT TOKYO GARDEN: Another Oregon group, Wintertime Carousel, stops in town to share its indie/folks sounds. Let’s hope the carousel doesn’t melt in the Fresno heat. [More]

AT BABYLON: Itchy-O — a 32-piece masked (!!) marching band from Denver stops at Babylon. It sounds a bit like a concert and the Royal Rumble all in one. With pulsing percussion and electronica fun. [More]

AT ALDO’S: For the club crowd, Aldo’s hosts “Gotham City,” a Batman-themed party with all the usual club flair, plus a costume contest. I hope someone goes as Alfred — or, I suppose, the more probable, Slutty Alfred. [More]

Responses to "Tonight: A Tuesday that begs you to get out of the house"

Stephen says:

Your posts often get me to click on the links.

So I did.

And now I’m horrified*!

Itchy-O is frightening. They’re hypnotically trying to overtake the world, I can tell.

*and intrigued. I’m going.

mdub420 says:

Plenty of tatted up Alfred’s going to be bangin slutty catwomen tonight.

devoya says:

i clicked on stephen’s link. i too, am now intrigued!