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Yes, another New Boyz concert is what this Valley really needed!


Rap duo The New Boyz perform tonight at Tulare County Fairgrounds, which is something I’d simply yawn at in other circumstances.

Sorry, New Boyz fans (if any of you actually exist), but I’m not the type to get excited about a dumbed-down version of The Cool Kids that’s re-packaged for radio rap fans.

But here’s why I’m writing this instead of just yawning and looking forward to the Elzhi show: I’m dumbstruck that people continue to bring these dudes to the Valley. Not because they don’t have pull. But how many times are they going to come here before we all yawn at them.

A New Boyz concert in the Valley is like a Katy Perry hit single — they keep coming one after another. Don’t believe me. *Ahem*

You get the point. I have to wonder if these dudes secretly live in Lindsay or something.

By all means, I wish the promoters of this concert a success, but next time can we bring Travis Porter, Big Sean or something of the sort?

Just not E-40 again, OK? Because his list is even longer than that of the New Boyz.

Responses to "Yes, another New Boyz concert is what this Valley really needed!"

Jeffrey Whitaker says:

Yeah I totally agree with u Mike. The same way I feel about George Lopez comin to Fresno area every 6 months…played out. I mean I know it’s a business and entertainers keep track of demographics and past attendance and the such. But damn.. it sure would be nice to get a neo soul act here.. Jill Scott??, Erykha?? Alicia Keys? C’mon, let’s get some urban vibe crackin off m Fresno!