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Our 10 favorite tweets about this Conan/Fresno situation

So, that whole thing about Conan’s bobblehead really took off yesterday, huh? First there was the video, then the Facebook page, then the mayor’s letter to Conan. Needless to say, there was a lot of chatter about this. So we collected some of our favorite tweets — either funny, weird or amusing.

Warning: One has a swear word.

Responses to "Our 10 favorite tweets about this Conan/Fresno situation"

Phillip Moya says:

I like it the Mayor Logansport Indiana painted a parking space yellow to match his corvette. That’s so he don’t have to pay for a ticket. I like it even better the Mayor of Fresno is looking at everything to make money for the city. I live 60 miles north but I would run down in sec to be a part of this. Laughter is contagious lets spread it.

Tommy O says:

Either the mayor is trying to be funny or get Fresno mentioned more in a pathetic attempt to a celeb…or she’s got high hopes that Conan will actually send a Bobble-Head at her request.Fresno would be more poked fun of ,surpassing the letter she actually took time to send.