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Did They Just Say Fresno? Conan will save us from bankruptcy

UPDATE: Seems like the city is playing along with Conan. Mayor Ashley Swearengin responded to Conan in a letter, inviting the giant bobblehead to Fresno. Read the entire letter. You can also join the “Bring the Conan Bobblehead to Fresno” Facebook page.

ORIGINAL POST: You might have read the story on A-1 of Tuesday’s Fresno Bee that says Wall Street analysts are worried that Fresno might be the fourth California city heading for bankruptcy. Well, on last night’s episode his late-night talk show, comedian Conan O’Brien rushed to Fresno’s aid. He unveils his plan here:

I realize he’s just joking, but I think a huge Conan bobblehead would be great on the Fulton Mall. A tourist attraction and downtown revitalization all in one shot! Don’t let us down, Conan!

[thanks to Brodiemash for the head’s up]

Responses to "Did They Just Say Fresno? Conan will save us from bankruptcy"

Conlan says:

There’s no reason this shouldn’t really happen. Somebody tell Ashley to make a short video welcoming Conan’s idea. I’m sure she’d do it. After that, it’s just a matter of scheduling.

Jason M. says:

We already started a fan page on facebook. Please like our page and lets show Conan we would welcome him here in Fresno!

Kevin says:

Unfortunately, its all about ratings and money. Its a great joke and bit for a monologue one night, but as much as I’d like to see this lighthearted bit in Fresno, no one would tune into it. No one tunes into Conan anymore as it is, thanks to that jerk-off talentless hack Leno. :(. Hes done shows at other cities’ theatres before, would we love to see him at the Saroyan? Of course, but theres no money in it for Conans show and they have to worry about themselves first. Plus Fresno is too dull to appreciate life size Simon Cowell bouning man titties in that JcPenney undershirt of his. That was hilarious.

adam says:

Kevin, quit being a Debbie Downer. This is a fun idea. You’re the reason why people in Fresno can’t have nice things.

Bradley says:

you need more joy in your life.

Danielle says:

He needs Simon’s bouncing man titties in his face.

TimY says:

Great letter!

Ray Arthur says:

I know that this will be filmed for posterity so I’m already at work preparing a Film Permit. Normally, City of Fresno Film Permits are free but under the circumstances I’m sure Conan wouldn’t mind a small processing, say … $16.5 million :)

Ryan says:

We all need that, Danielle.

Guest says:

If he really wants to help, he can just donate his entire multi-million dollar payout from NBC to Fresno.

Joy says:

No. I can confidently say that this person does NOT need more Joy in his life. I like being around positive people.

Kevin says:

You guys dont seem to get it. Conans ratings for a pre-midnight talk show are abysmal ever since going to TNT (USA, which channel is he on again?), theyre worse than his 12:30 NBC show. No one watches Conan. Conan admits this himself.
And @adam you utter tool, unless youre illiterate, which I think you might be, I think this is a fun idea too- but everyone is upset at the one realistic one here and Im used to it, so bring it on.

Im no Debbie Downer, who are you, Jay Lenos one fan that actually stays up to watch his entire show? Lol As opposed to all the midwestern cows that use it to fall asleep and shut it off by midnight. My aunt not related by blood who lives in Ohio does this this every night. Check the half hour ratings on that and then call me, ill get back to you when my eyes are bleeding bored reading your replies.

Heather P says:

Kevin, what you don’t seem to get is that this is just a lark for us to have some fun. And the fun is spreading here in Fresno. We’re taking a joke from a TV show and making the joke OUR OWN. By turning it back around and saying, “Yeah, Conan. . . bring it on! We’ll totally ginger-up Chuckchansi Park for your bobble head!” We’re showing our own sense of humor and getting a kick out of something quirky and fun- together- about our city. For us, this isn’t about Conan’s ratings, this is about us getting in on the joke. This is us owning Fresno and delighting in Fresno- even with all of its problems and naysayers. We’re kinda like Shatner that way. In on the joke. Which makes it that much better!

Kevin says:

Great story. I agree with you. All of Fresno will see it, along with Conans 200,000 viewers. End of story. Whats the contention here?

Kevin says:

My other point too is:
We need to face the fact that hes not coming to Fresno. That freakin mayor of ours is up to her Sorority Shinanigans again, shes getting you guys all riled up, and now especially that this has made the front page. It wasnt on the front page this morning….3/4ths of you wouldnt have known this if it wasnt for the Bee slapping it on the front page within the past 2 hours.

Conans crew is b.r.o.k.e from their move to Cali to what they thought was the Tonight Show.

The only thing that would bring them to Fresno is a sense of humor, they certainly arent going to come here because of r.a.t.i.n.g.s which would equal $$$$$$ which they arent getting now and they arent going to get by even pretending to come here. Do I need to spell it out further? Ill check back later tonight when im comatose.

Joel says:

“My aunt not related by blood…”

Heather P says:

I certainly see your very realistic point regarding ratings, viewership, even the low numbers of potential audience. My contention though is that none of that truly matters to the people who are having a good time with this, who are riding the wave of positive Fresno energy, who like that groups of us can get behind something and have a collective laugh.

My other contention is that while you apparently have a lot of knowledge about the ins and outs of Conan’s show and a perspective rooted in unapologetic realism, your tone is one of talking down to the rubes. And that’s unnecessary.

This doesn’t click with you. You think it is silly. You’re not the only one and we hear you. But if you don’t want to be at the party, there’s nothing stopping you from leaving it. Except maybe your unyielding need to be more right than everyone else.

And that’s my second comment, so per my “2 comments and out” rule. . . I’m out.

DV says:

I think Kevin would be wise to adopt the “two comments and out” rule.

Kevin says:

ZzZzZ. Feel free to comment about the topic. I personally want to see Simons boobs. I want them to make a lifesize Katy Perry with that dopey blue hair…flute synching ->

I wonder how much money they have to bring all that here?

Kevin says:

I seem to see a few replies talking down to me perhaps considering me a “rube”. Those were rough replies, i just hide my emotions better towards them better i guess. Its a rough world Heather. These comments arent going to be the most dreadful in your life. Maybe in your day or week. Im bad at being aware of various strangers sensitities. Ill go take a class on some of these things.

Matt says:

Ehh, any publicity and humor Fresno can get is good in my book.

You guys all have points here, including Kevin… but overall, I agree there’s nothing to really lose by ‘getting in’ on the joke, etc.

Fresno needs all the help it can get. The way I see things, we’re only getting better as a city. The younger generation and community I’m seeing around me seem to finally be “getting it,” and as a Fresnan, this makes me feel great. I used to have a negative-Fresno attitude as well, but again, things have been looking up over the past several years, as old mindsets and generations are becoming mute. I feel there’s a new, rejuvenated energy w/ Fresno, especially in the creative industry / community.

We should keep it positive, and less-cynical… by this little PR stunt, or whatever you wanna call it, it can’t be “bad” for Fresno.

Tim says:

Come on Mayor, your letter is a joke. We need real problems to solve the financial mess the City of Fresno is in. Your out supporting President Obama’s opposition who is running on that the President has had 4 years, don’t give him any longer. You have had 4 years and made it worse, at least the President has made it better. Even when the FPOA offers you 6 Million Dollars you refuse it, and why? Because they want 1 more year on their contract, instead of agreeing to this reasonable offer you prefer to file bankruptcy and ask for a bobble head to come help you. That is real leadership!

Kevin says:

For the unaware, when Conan does shows from a new locale….which I’d assume he would do here….he packs up and leaves for the whole week. A weeks worth of shows from Fresno? I would think that would be neat, that would be Fresno-area history and many people would come out of the woodwork for it…(i think..Fresno is fickle like that)

It wouldnt be a one bang affair folks. Now, add up those number$ if you could just give me a ballpark figure in your head for me and you may keep it to yourself if you’d like.

Fresnobites says:

While I was Mayor A’s letter to Conan a big thought bubble came over my head picturing her and her staff writing it, editing it, rewriting some of the corny one-liners for several hours in her office. They were all high-fiving each other. Meanwhile next door the city attorney was drafting BK papers. It was hysterical.

Kristen says:

i like the part when mike oz dresses as a girl and pretends to be heather p.

Jaella says:

I hope Conan does not give this train wreck of a mayor any more attention!! Everyone thinks it’s funny to be in the news for poor financial management; in the meantime hundreds of people have lost their jobs because of this woman and there are more on the chopping block as we speak. Those of you not affected by her short sighted decisions can laugh it up and have fun and make FaceBook pages and let her get famous on the backs of hard working citizens, but the truth is serious and painful.



Jaguar Bennett says:

Kristen, as Heather P.’s boyfriend, I can state with reasonable confidence that she is not Mike Oz. Plus, I’ve seen her and Mike at the same place at the same time!

Bob says:

Sounds like our mayor is really desperate to find anyway to finance Fresno’s budget problem. Did she ever consider raising developer fees. Perhaps we should sell zoning changes or conditional use permits at a high price. That might also help with decreasing urban sprawl which results in decreased air quality, extension of road networks,a reduces housing values. Oh, but I forget that the developers are a major source of campaign funds.

Another idea. How about dueling Alan Autry and Ray Appleton Bobble Heads.

Judy Clifton says:

Hey all you Fresno-isns admit it ……this would be great for Our city. Why not have a little fun and lightin up!! We could invite Conan to show up at the Our Ball Park, the Mayor can present a key to the city and MOFO Party band can play for entertainment. I think the “Conan Craze” is great!!!!! Let’s get creative and get those video post out to the Facebook link!!!