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Fres-Know: Where sea lions and naked dudes are tolerated


LOOK AT THAT: First sea lion at new Chaffee Zoo attraction. [The Bee]

SURVEY SAYS: Fresno 14th most tolerant city. Really?!? [The Atlantic Cities]

LOOK AT THIS: The new official visitor’s guide for Fresno/Clovis. [FCCVB]

WTF VISALIA: Naked man in street trying to talk to aliens. [KMPH]

CRAIGSLIST AD OF THE WEEK: Seeking experanced caergiver. [Craigslist]

ANGRY YELPER OF THE WEEK: Dude who hates Dog House Grill. [Yelp]

CLOSING: Clovis’ QN4U BBQ House, effective Sunday. [Biz Blog]

GOOD READ: Thoughts on the Fresno indie music scene. [Dead in 60 Years]

GOOD READ II: Profile on Fresno-based tech reporter. [Frebby Awards]

GOOD READ III: Crash victim leaves legacy of kindness. [The Bee]

GO TO THIS: Fresno Grizzlies farmgrown farmers market. [Grizzlies]

YUM: A look at the ice cream from Fresno State’s dairy. [The Bee]

WHAT’S GOING THERE? Yen Ching restaurant razed on Shaw. [Biz Blog]

IT CAME FROM MADERA: New web app for crowd-funding gifts. [WishBooklet]

ENTER: The $10,000 Rock at the Top battle of the bands. [Chukchansi]

VOTE: In Big Fresno Fair’s Local Performer Contest. [BFF]

Responses to "Fres-Know: Where sea lions and naked dudes are tolerated"

Cheen_Gao says:

I know that this is pretty picky, but is there any way you can get your links to open in a new window or tab?

adam says:

If they can’t make that happen, right click or if you’re using an Apple, hold down control and then click. The menu option is there.

Mike Oz says:

Yes, that’s generally how I do it.

Mike Oz says:

It sound be as you wished now.
Lemme know if that works. I’ll try to do that on the Fres-Know posts from now on. I see how it would be beneficial to readers.