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Worst Flier of the Week: Vol. 33

Well kids, we’ve got a humdinger of a Worst Flier this week. I could sit here and list off the things that are wrong with it, but I figure it would be fun if you readers just named the graphic design travesties. It’s like we’re in elementary school playing a “what’s wrong with this picture?” game. Find ‘em and shout ‘em out in the comments.

Special thanks to Kaci for sending this in. And special thanks to whoever made this for the Republik Nightclub in Visalia. We appreciate the amusement.


Meanwhile, my favorite flier of the week is this one for Seattle pop/rock band The Torn ACLs, who are making a tour stop at Tokyo Garden on Wednesday night. Not a bad band name either, guys.


Responses to "Worst Flier of the Week: Vol. 33"

Brian says:

Cowgirl Stripper looked pregnant at first glance – then I noticed the No Cover Before 11 bubble. Mama’s gotta make money.

Shari Curry says:

Looks like a flier for a strip club run by people who can not spell. No am or pm do I’m not sure when they open and close.

I’d be embarrassed to say the least

Mike says:

What’s a “carona”?

QBALL07 says:

Corona’s is spelled wrong.

KanyeAsada says:

“Caronas” smh

Ray says:

First of all, it’s promoting country music… which is wrong all in itself. Looks like we have a country rock band depicted by what looks like a stripper, some hipsters that look like they came from an LMFAO concert, and disco balls? What’s a “Carona”?

I’m not sure what time this shindig goes on. I see both 9:30 till midnight (AM or PM unknown) and 4pm – 1:30.

I assume this is for persons 21+, but it’s just an assumption.

Background colors blend in too much with the fonts (and there are way too many different styles of fonts used).

Stephen says:

AWWWW! I raised my hand about the mis-spellings first!!

and hey, what’s wrong with Peacock Blue as a flyer color?? Especially when I can’t read the words? The peacock blue is a nice distraction from the spelling of “Carona,” who I’m sure is glad to offer their $2 beer.

garcia.max.g says:

I find the headless pairs of tits a nice touch, don’t worry their face’s aren’t important.

Rizzle says:

Is it 80′s? Is it Country? Is it rock? Is it English?

hrctor says:

Vodka bottles. Hello…..

Bradley says:

- “Befor” vs. Before
- 4″PM-1:30″ (pm? am?)
- “Till” (as in a cash register till) vs. until or ’til
- “Only $2 Caronas”. So there is nothing other than a cheap misspelled beer available?
- Oh good, there’s $(space)5 Jager Bombs. Missed the Jäger unlaut though.
- “Different country rock bands.” Nice new genre. Glad they are different.
- Notice the backwards Absolute bottles there on the left. Good
- “Locust Visalia” is a must-visit.

Danielle says:

She looked pregnant to me too, at first!

Danielle says:


Tommy O says:

Last I checked…Fresno hot spots are mainly glorified by Fresnans…lol…For us outside of Fresno, it really don’t matter if we’re in Fresno or Visalia for a good time.

Kaci says:

Haha, I am the one who sent this in, and everyone caught all of the things I had pointed out when I sent this to Mike, except for one thing: the “SAMPLE SAMPLE SAMPLE” on the stock image.