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Let the people of Pinedale swim!


A front-page story in today’s Bee by reporter Ezra Romero cast an eye on the unused community pool in Pinedale, which hasn’t been able to open in three years and, at press time, wouldn’t be opening any time soon because of city budget woes.

A couple choice quotes from the story:

“It’s so hot, and now we have to go swimming in the river,” said 11-year-old Isaac Liscano, who lives down the street from the pool. “The pool was the best thing for us.”

“It’s a sign of the economic condition that some of the city’s recreational services have been cut back,” said Andreas Borgeas, whose Fresno City Council district includes Pinedale.

The only way the pool could open, city officials said, was if $7,300 in donations were collected. So this morning, on a day that’s forecast to possibly reach 110 degrees, The Bee’s opinion page editor Jim Boren took to Twitter to start the campaign.

Then came some nice news:

I gave Jim some props, but he deferred, then got back to work raising more money:

And that, readers, is how the kids in Pinedale will get to use their community pool this summer. Bravo to Jim Boren, Ezra Romero and that awesome anonymous donor, whomever you are.

[photo: Gary Kazanjian / The Fresno Bee]

Responses to "Let the people of Pinedale swim!"

Danielle says:

My son attends Pinedale Elementary (as did my Grandmother almost 80 years ago!), and although we live north of Nees and have our own apartment complex pool to use, we consider ourselves part of the Pinedale community and this makes me very happy to hear, as many of my son’s friends – and the entire community – will benefit from this as well as the nearby school and activity center. THANK YOU to Ezra Romero, Jim Boren, and the donor, for their efforts in helping out this sometimes sorely overlooked neighborhood that is one of Fresno’s oldest, and close to my heart. Just in time, too – hope to see it open soon! (round of applause)

marcel says:

BRAVO to all concerned!

Audrey Ward says:

This week the Bee needs to give its thumbs up to Ezra Romero, Mike Oz and Jim Boren. I haven’t had a chance to read today’s paper but it makes me truly happy that you took it upon yourselves to make this happen for the citizens of Pinedale Everyone deserves the opportunities to have a local pool and a cooling center in this horrendous heat and what factors give the city of Fresno to determine some pools can be open but not others. Thank you to the annonymous donor and all of the other donors.

Heather says:

What an amazing story! Props to everyone who contributed.

Mike Oz says:

Yes to Ezra and Jim, but not me. I just watched it all unfold like everyone else and felt compelled to document.

Mark Estrada says:

Perhaps Mr.Boren would be a better supervisor than Mr. Borgeas…just saying…actions speak louder than words…