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Win tickets to see a great night of music at Fulton 55


UPDATE: Congrats to our winners — Kristy, Nicole and Christina F. Enjoy the show. Thanks to all who played. Everybody managed to keep it on topic in the comments. Bless you.

ORIGINAL POST: Dear people of Fresno who have ears: Friday night’s show at Fulton 55 is not one you’ll want to miss. It includes two of the best local bands currently on the scene — Strange Vine and Poor Man’s Poison, as well as SoCal band He’s My Brother She’s My Sister. You might recall that I sang the praises of them in the past.

On their own, I’d recommend HMBSMS. With Strange Vine and Poor Man’s Poison on the bill? This is stellar.

Tickets cost $8 in advance or $10 at the door. But you can win some right here on The Beehive if you’re lucky. We have three pair to give away, courtesy of Strange Vine. To get entered into our contest, just leave a comment below that uses the words “poison” “strange” and “sister.”

We treasure creativity. The winner, however, will be chosen at random and notified by e-mail, so please a leave e-mail address and please check it. Since the show is right around the corner, this is going to be a quick contest. Deadline is 5 p.m. Thursday. Complete rules below.

Only readers who submit a comment on this post are eligible. Three winners will be picked at random. Recipients will be notified by e-mail or phone at the end of each giveaway period. No substitutions or transfer of winners/prizes. Prizes are not redeemable for cash. Some prizes may have due dates for redemption/use. Employees and immediate family of The Fresno Bee, and any/all of the participating giveaway sponsors, are not eligible to win. By accepting a giveaway, recipient consents to allow the use of his/her name and/or photograph for advertising or similar promotions without further compensation. Winner releases all sponsors of liability regarding use and enjoyment of the prizes. Tax liabilities and insurance, if any, are sole responsibility of the winner. No purchase necessary to win.

Responses to "Win tickets to see a great night of music at Fulton 55"

i had a dream my sister was taking too much crack; then her dealer was busted for adding poison. #strange
**(mostly) true story btw.

Kristy says:

What’s your poison? said the woman who bore a strange resemblance to my sister.

Matt says:

“It’s pretty STRANGE that my SISTER falls for guys that dress like they were from the POISON era, circa 1980-lame.”

Matt says:

It’s okay to laugh at this, right?

Christina f says:

My sister is strange and poison to my soul

Kiel says:

Poison is like my sister. Is that strange? The band not the chemical.

Kirk says:

Is it strange that I’d like to poison my little sister? I don’t want to kill her, I just want to slow her down a little.

HarmsWayChad says:

I was listening to Poison by Bell Biv Devoe and realized that the girl in the video looked like my sister from a different mister it was strange.

Michelle L says:

It’s that strange time of year where my sister from another mustache drinks poison.

Nicole G says:

It would’ve been strange to have a sister, hence the poison.

Shannon says:

My personal poison is whiskey. My family thinks I’m strange because they’re a bunch of vodka drinkers. My sister always claims I’m adopted because of it.

Sonia gamble says:

I thought it was kinda STRANGE when my SISTER drank the POISON, all she wanted to do was rock out!!

Natty Go-Go says:

Some will find it strange
When our sister finds me here
Poison tastes so sweet

John Barbery says:

Ladies and Gentlemen, my unicorn poison-sniffing, terrifyingly strange, perpetually unhip, and tragically hopeless step-sister.

[followed by a mixed aplause.]

Kim Puccini says:

I always wanted a sister, but I never knew what the difference between my brother and a sister would be, then I found out it could be a bit if POISON!

steph says:

My SISTER and I went to this bar to see this STRANGE band and as soon as the music started i felt like POISON was injected into my veins!

Nick Chandler says:

It was a strange night when I poisoned my sister.

Robin says:

I want to POISON my SISTER with a STRANGE apple.

( Don’t worry, I don’t really have a sister…)

JB says:

Poison is to health what a Kardasian sister is to brain function. Strange. Not that strange, really.

Kam G says:

My sister got a strange rash from touching poison oak.

Sheila Metzler says:

My sister thought it was strange to find a poison like arsenic in our drinking water!

melanie says:

Why would you find it strange that I want to poison my sister?

Irma says:

Music is a strange poison To my sister and I; instead of killing us, it gives us life.

tR says:

“Is this poison?” my sister inquired, as I offered her the strange medieval chalice of elixir.

Andrew says:

He’s my brother, she’s my sister. The seed of their plan to kill me for my trust fund money bore bitter fruit when they succumbed to heatstroke picking deadly berries intended for me. Poor man’s poison grows on a truly strange vine.

Annemarie says:

I have a strange sister made of poison.

Seth Gamble says:

Strange or not, my mom was poisoned with love, which led to the birth of my sister!

Magnus says:

Poison, strange, and sister are three words that can be found in the dictionary or thesaurus.

Jessica says:

I poisoned my strange sister.

Cynthia says:

Oh brother, seeing my sister Alice drink the poison was so strange.