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Best and Worst Fliers of the Week

More good than bad in this new installment of Worst Fliers of the Week — which is why I changed up the title. Yeah, there’s an ugly club flier in there, but there are a few clever ones that I enjoyed too.

Let’s begins the flier-ogling, shall we?

Goes to this Saturday night show at Tokyo Garden, which uses the big recycling plant fire in Calwa the other day as inspiration. Well played.


The Phoenix pokes fun at the nightclub world this advertisement for its (Sort Of) Grand Opening party. DJ Chee-Z Pandora FTW!


Holy animal print! Kudos to the SIC Lounge in Visalia for making us think that lions and tigers get hypnotized by Grey Goose.


UPDATE: I took out a flier that I didn’t realize was a rip-off of another famous posted. See comment thread below.

Responses to "Best and Worst Fliers of the Week"

floydy says:

not to point out the obvious but the fulton 55 one isn’t ‘inspired by,’ it’s plagiarized.

Mike Oz says:

Plagiarizing what?
If that’s the case I would certainly revoke the “best” status.

DRP says:

They are right, it’s a famous Rock The Vote poster made by the guys at Obey.

It can be seen here towards the bottom of the page.

Mike Oz says:

Oh yeah. Totally.
I’m gonna nix that then.

Let’s all celebrate the The Phoenix’s flier instead.

DRP says:

Well, I will say it was the best looking poster, just not their work haha.

anonymous says:

SIC Lounge better be careful the California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control can comedown on them for promoting “discrimination” charging different cover charges to men and women.
“State courts in California have ruled that ladies’ night discounts are unlawful gender discrimination under state or local statutes”'_night

anyone wanna make a quick lawsuit against SIC Lounge?

Tommy says:

Yeah,nobody listens to someone that makes a post as an anonymous person.Plus every bar in the valley in guilty of it so if the law starts cracking down on people’s favorite spots or bars get “scared” from offering specials to patrons…all because of an individual lawsuit…lol…that person would get taught a lesson someway,somehow.I can see maybe certain men that maybe feel that they are a lady trapped inside trying to make an argument out of it though…and the law is the law.But for example,the law may enforce going against piracy of movies and protected music….but not likely for “karaoke music” which is also suppose to be just as protected.Another point that I would like to make out is that you, trying to incite someone to start a lawsuit, needs to be more visable than the Beehive.Not going to get very far here.But you are probably just a promoter or even an employee working for another rival place that does “Ladies Night” just the same.