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New Eats: Cask & Cork Bistro & Pourhouse


Up at Friant and Fort Washington, the Cask & Cork Bistro & Pourhouse has recently taken over the space previously occupied by Yalla Yalla and Bentley’s Bistro before that.

It’s a swanky sort of place with a nice patio, some craft beer and interesting menu items. Oh, and bacon.

Here’s a bit of background from Bethany Clough’s recent story in The Bee about Cask & Cork:

Chef Daniel Renteria previously ran a food distribution business that sold gourmet cheeses, meats and other high-end food. Now his menu reflects some of those foods, such as a baked goat cheese appetizer made with black truffle oil, and a charcuterie plate with chorizo, salami and prosciutto.

And he’s big on bacon. The bacon is marinated overnight in Tabasco sauce, then sprinkled with brown sugar. It’s then baked until the bacon has a “crusty, caramelized sweetness” that’s added to burgers, pasta and beef medallions.

The restaurant also serves beer ice cream made with a dark wheat ale with coffee overtones. Renteria said he is trying to bring something new to Fresno “to get people excited about food.”

I’d been meaning to try out Cask & Cork for a few weeks and finally made it there before the Bush concert at Woodward Park on Tuesday. I was happy to try some beer from Riley’s Brewing Co. out of Madera and Cask & Cork’s short rib tacos. I enjoyed the place and what I ordered, as did my wife. The patio has promise and the place has an atmosphere that’s nice but still casual enough. I’ll go back.

Responses to "New Eats: Cask & Cork Bistro & Pourhouse"

Danielle says:

I’ll have to go try the short rib tacos and see if they hold a candle to Keith’s.

Ron Weber says:

The drunken pasta, which is full of bacon is to die for, in my humble opinion. I tried the short rib pasta, ate most of my wife’s drunken pasta, and a good amount of my son’s grilled cheese. I liked them all. Also going back.

Gil Vasquez says:

I heard one good review about this place so I’m going to try it out. Riley’s Brewing Co. has a good beer called Sancha (Appellation California serves their beer at their functions)so I’m there…

Mike B says:

I still don’t understand why Bethany is not on Beehive. Leaving out the food element in this type of blog site is a major disappointment. I appreciate mike reporting her work, but we can only hear about tacos so much.

Jennifer says:

all I know is every time I hear the ad on the radio, it sounds like they’re saying “Wh*rehouse”…not “Pourhouse”….. says:

Cause Mike’s got that covered with “Music & More”…lol.Truth is,if he brought in another person other than himself doing reviews of restaurants,it just may over-shadow the lack of interest in the local music scene(seasonally more/less popular or fluctuating).But you are right,I do hear alot about tacos.I couldn’t log in with my facebook account again but don’t wish to be anonymous.(Written by Tommy Olsen)

Jennifer says:

completely agree with Mike B.. there is room for all types on leisure reporting on this page. Fresnans LOVE to eat out as evidenced by the busy weekend nites at most restaurants… if not Bethany than SOMEONE… maybe someone who is devoted to the food scene and has plenty of time to devote to the beat…hmmmmm.. not that I’d know anyone like that…

m parada says:

Ok place, food is good but nothing special The service was really slow and our server seemed to be on her own schedule give it some time to improve before you go