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Fres-Know: Dude, where’s our car? Oh, right, it’s stolen.


NEWS: Fresno still No. 1 city for car thefts. [The Bee]

LOOK: Chris Colfer on cover of Entertainment Weekly. [EW]

WTF MADERA: 154 cats discovered at dead man’s home. [The Bee]

YAY FRESNO: Fresno-born comic has Showtime special this weekend. [The Bee]

COOL: Hate FX + Patrick Contreras collabo makes new. [Blabbermouth]

WATCH THIS: Looking for late-night eats. [TasteFresno]

REVIEWED: Getting Irish at O’Sullivans. [Dead in 60 Years]

NICE: Oregon brewing company taps Fierce Creatures. [The Fresnan]

GOOD READ: Storyland celebrates 50 years. [Fresno Famous]

NEWS: Wesson home to become an AutoZone. [The Bee]

WELCOME TO THE INTERNET: “Critic’s voice” for Fresno. [Good, Bad, Fresno]

… AND: One critic reviews a sandwich he hasn’t eaten. Fail. [Good, Bad, Fresno]

Responses to "Fres-Know: Dude, where’s our car? Oh, right, it’s stolen."

Layne says:

So, in Good Bad Whatever’s initial comment to Conlan, he (er, they? the blog switches between first and third person more than Sybil) mention using anonymity to protect his career. But if $7 seems like too much for lunch, I’m left to wonder what sort of career he could possibly be so concerned about protecting.

always a breath of fresh air to see mr hastings comment; on the wesson auto zone deal lol

pk says:

wasted time reading the Good, Bad Fresno thing
about a sandwich they hadn’t tasted, no description of a restaurant, some veiled references in a previous post—all meh
‘Someone’ needs to take
constructive criticism 101
plus—doesn’t Fresno have enough critics..
It’s been done—better

Alisa says:

Thanks for the link love for TasteFresno, Mike!