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Ladies, what do you think about Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson visiting us?


Yes, it’s a little early to start talking about Fourth of July events, but the annual Family Freedom Fest in Coarsegold has one of those we-saw-that-guy-all-over-the-Internet hooks that we can’t ignore — even in early June.

Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson — the founder of The Brotherhood Organization of A New Destiny and a radio/TV host who has appeared numerous times on Fox News — is the keynote speaker for the event, which is sponsored by the Oakhurst/Coarsegold Tea Party.

If Peterson’s name sounds familiar it’s because he took a beating on the blogs last month after some not-so-kind comments about women. Specifically that letting women vote was one of the greatest mistakes America made.

The most disgusting of his claims:

“[Men] allow women to run wild and screw up everything…You walk up to them with a issue, they freak out right away. They go nuts. They get mad. They get upset, just like that. They have no patience because it’s not in their nature. They don’t have love. They don’t have love…I think that one of the greatest mistakes America made was to allow women the opportunity to vote.”

Here’s the entire video:

That spawned another video that made the web rounds. This time, Fox News analyst Kirsten Powers took Peterson to task for his comments during an episode of Sean Hannity’s show.

Anybody else think it’s a tad ironic that this is the dude selected to be the main speaker at a freedom fest? Especially under the tagline “Celebrate and Preserve our Freedoms?”

But then again, we Americans do enjoy the freedom of speech. Even if some of us end up sounding like a buffoon while exercising it.

Responses to "Ladies, what do you think about Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson visiting us?"

Heather P says:

He asks when did the day arrive that women were allowed to speak shamelessly about contraception? I ask, when did the day arrive that hate-mongers were allowed to speak shamelessly without repercussion from their peers or from the media?

I’m with Powers on this one. Why do others legitimize him? Why does Hannity book him (for that matter, why does he sit on the BOND advisory board)? Why does the Coarsegold Tea Party book him? Why does no one in the conservative public eye repudiate him? Why does no one in the public eye of Christianity repudiate him? What does that say about them?

I defend his right to speak his beliefs- however backward and offensive they may be. I also defend the right of others to not book him, not pay him, to challenge him, and to speak out against him. The “Reverend” wants women to speak out against other women who defend their rights? I want men to truly speak out against other men who preach misogyny.

We women have been shouting about it for over 100 years. Guys like this just make us strain our vocal cords.

ed says:

“Why does no one in the public eye of Christianity repudiate him? What does that say about them?”

well, i’m not sure exactly which public eye of christianity you’re looking for, but i’m pretty sure that there have been christian leaders that have taken him to task. one example would be to check with a group like for a good starting spot (or their facebook). is another.

an interesting question for me is if local speakers like jim franklin or george radonavich agree with peterson? or, will they pass the buck and swallow the crap he’s spewing because he says some things that they do agree with?

Outsourced Commenter says:

I love that you can make the acronym BOAN’D (read: boned) out of his organization.

That is all.

stinkboy says:

I’m no lady, but I’ve got to chime in – this guy is appalling. Scary that people actually think this way. Wonder what he would think if someone said it was a mistake to allow black people to vote?

CA says:

He better hope that female leaders of the tea party don’t hear him saying that!! Sarah and Michelle where are you?

David Paul Davenport says:

The great irony about Rev. Peterson, an African-American, in regard to voting by women is that white supremicists made exactly the same charge against the right to vote for Black Men after the Civil War. Sadly, on June 5th only 17% of all people registered to Vote in Fresno County did so. Perhaps the “upside” to Rev. Peterson’s rhetoric is that the 83% will decide to participate in November.