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Van Halen at Save Mart Center: Postponed


After all that build-up, the press conference, the reveal that Van Halen was coming back to Fresno and even a street name-change comes this news: The Van Halen concert, scheduled for Aug. 28 at Save Mart Center, is now being postponed.

Per concert promoter Live Nation:

The Van Halen show at Save Mart Center in Fresno, California will be temporarily postponed. Future dates to be announced. The on sale, originally scheduled for Monday, May 21 at 10 AM, is postponed.

Refunds are available at point of purchase.

The postponement signals something fishy in Van Halen land. The band ditched a number of dates, not just Fresno. No statement from Van Halen yet, though.

UPDATE: More info, including comments from Save Mart Center management, at

Responses to "Van Halen at Save Mart Center: Postponed"

Jeff says:

Offering refunds doesn’t bode well. Have they taken down the street-sign yet?

Tommy says:

Can Roth even sing in the original key anymore?LOL!I know Sammy can still sing without the band dropping the key down.

Gil Vasquez says:

*Yawn* – what else is going on today Mike….

Metal Queen says:


Kevin says:

These guys have nothing but problems, especially with Roth. The dude can’t even sing anymore. Get effing Sammy and Michael back Eddie and Alex. Eddie is a dick and Alex may appear cool but blood is thicker than water in this band, all decisions are made between family members behind closed doors. It blows.

heard on the radio this morning that an insider to the tour is saying the reason for “postponements” is “they hate each other” apparently the group is not getting along