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It’s about to get all Swedish up in here


Oh snap, guys, have you heard the Swedes are taking us over for the next week? And by that, I mean the people and the movies.

Tonight is the start of Kingsburg Swedish Festival, the popular annual celebration of the culture of Sweden. There’s traditional dancing, smorgasbord, costumes, all that kinda stuff. It runs through Saturday night.

Next Thursday is the ninth Swede Fest, which has nothing to do with Sweden and is actually about movies. It’s an interesting turn of Swedish fate (or maybe a conspiracy?) that these two events lined up in the same week.

We’ve written about Swede Fest numerous times in the past, but for you newbs: It’s a film festival dedicated to low-budget movie remakes. It’s quirky and creative, offbeat and a Fresno original — we had, until recently, the only such festival in the world. This year, Swede Fest makes a big move to an actual movie theater. At Sierra Vista Cinemas 16 to be specific.

But let’s circle back to this weekend. Swedes are due at 11:59 p.m. Sunday night. Which means “making a Swede” is a good thing to add to your weekend to-do list. Watch some past Swedes, then read the rules and whatnot before getting started. You needn’t be a professional — or even experienced — filmmaker to participate. You just need to be creative. Swede Fest is all about having fun and getting people interesting in making movies.

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Tommy says:

Definitely a Fresno original…lol.