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Win VIP access to the Amgen Tour of California in Clovis


UPDATE: Congrats to our winner, Whitney!

ORIGINAL POST: As you probably know, the Amgen Tour of California wheels into Clovis on Wednesday. It’s where the fourth stage of the state-wide cycle race winds down, with a finish line right in Old Town Clovis.

Anybody can go out and watch the end of the race, and enjoy the accompanying festivities in Old Town Clovis. Heck, organizers are pushing to make it a ditch day (Take the Day Off, they say). Not just anybody, however, can go where The Beehive is sending one lucky winner.

We’ve got a pair of passes to the VIP hospitality tent at the race’s finish line. It includes free food (from Save Mart and QN4U), free beer and the best seat you can get. In addition, our winner gets parking passes and tickets to the post-race party at the Clovis Rodeo Grounds.

Sounds pretty nice, right? Well, it could be yours. Just leave a comment below telling us your favorite story about taking the day off. Deadline to enter is 3 p.m. Tuesday. The winner will be chosen at random and will be notified by e-mail, so please leave a real e-mail address and check it. One entry per person. You’re ineligible if you’ve won something from us in the past 30 days. Complete rules after the jump.

Only readers who submit a comment on this post are eligible. A winner will be picked at random. Recipients will be notified by e-mail at the end of each giveaway period. No substitutions or transfer of winners/prizes. Prizes are not redeemable for cash. Some prizes may have due dates for redemption/use. Employees and immediate family of The Fresno Bee, and any/all of the participating giveaway sponsors, are not eligible to win. By accepting a giveaway, recipient consents to allow the use of his/her name and/or photograph for advertising or similar promotions without further compensation. Winner releases all sponsors of liability regarding use and enjoyment of the prizes. Tax liabilities and insurance, if any, are sole responsibility of the winner. No purchase necessary to win.

Responses to "Win VIP access to the Amgen Tour of California in Clovis"

Harry Houck says:

The last day I took off work was for the 2010 AMGEN start in Merced and the finish in Clovis. Hope to take this Wednesday off too!

zdo says:

My last perfect “ditch day” involved all of these elements; Sun, Beer, Food, Friends, Water. Not necessarily in that order.

erica says:

Took the day off to go hiking in Yosemite.

Lisa says:

My best ditch day was for game 2 of the 2010 World Series! Amgen Wednesday would be pretty sweet too!

Sandra says:

Ditch work to soak up some sun, watch the finish of a race, eat some free food, drink some free beer, get free parking, and go to a post party? Wow! We may need to ditch an additional day of work to recover! Last time I ditched work was last summer to hang out with the kids at Wild Water.

Tristin Morgan says:

It’s been so long since I have ditched I can’t hardly remember. I think my fab ditch day was my senior year of high school. We ditched to go see Save Ferris for free at fresno state at the old softball diamond. It was awesome.

I am not proud of it, but when I was young I worked at a subway/chevron and had a big camping trip planned with the boys. But as the end of my shift drew near(5pm), the people on the next shift ditched work and never came in. It was just me with no replacement in sight. SO…. when my friends came to pick me up, I gave it about a second of thought, locked the doors, and had an amazing weekend. I was not asked to return to work on Monday. IT WAS SO WORTH IT :)

Donald Norman says:

Most recent epic ditch day: Coldplay concert. HP Pavilion, San Jose.

David Lemons says:

Solvang time trial three years ago, I think. Levi and Dave Z battling for the win. Epic battle. Had my one year old son with me. Teaching the love of the bike.

melanie says:

My last ditch day was to stay home and care for the stray mama cat and her five kittens we trapped! Spay and neuter ;)

Jim Heinen says:

Seems like it’s been about two years that I have been ditching 2 days a month due to 2 days of furloughs given to us by the governor. If only those legislators would take furlough days along with us.

Brent Majors says:

My day off, well, I am self employed, and business has been horribly slow for about 3 years… or more. To tell you the truth, I hope I get calls for work (Glass Business). // You can bet that if I were to win this VIP pass, i will be out there, waiting for the finish, drinking coolaide, and my phone will ring (On my hip), to go do an emergency glass repair. WHICH, I will be so thankful for. Sob story… not really. True story. To give you a bit more, I’ll finish with one line Tuesday… Internet Bubble, Housing Bubble, Gov employee bubble. The private sector is out friends, we are out. God be with you.

Dennis Jones says:

Took the day off in 2009 to volunteer as a course worker in Clovis for the Amgen Tour of California.

Michelle says:

Last time I ditched work was to watch Lance Armstrong race in front of my house at Amgen Clovis! We took my 4 year old to the finish line in Old Town and were practically mobbed!! There were SOOOO many people! I remember looking in the hospitality tent and thinking “someday”! It would be an awesome experience to win this!!!!!!

jhb says:

When I interviewed for another job. Got it too!

Brandon S says:

Contacted my wife’s boss a few weeks in advance in secret so she could have a Thursday off. We woke up Thursday, I surprised her with the day off work and went to the Farmer’s Market in SLO and a day at the beach. Best version of a responsible “Farris Bueller’s Day Off” I’ve had.

Ric Armitage says:

Took a Monday off, kept my youngest son home from school and we went skiing at Sierra Summit. Had a great time with both of us playing hookie.

Sergio Robles says:

Two years ago, I ditched my college classes one day and hung out with my nephew, who ditched his own high school classes. We hung around downtown and Chinatown for lunch and when we got back home, Ferris Bueller was on the television. I made him watch it so that he can realize how great of a coincidence it was.

Jim H says:

Come on everyone come support a great event. Last time I was a marshall on the course the sound was unblievable will be thier to here an see this great event. I would be great to be at the finish.

Ron Borboa says:

Best day off was the last AMGEN. I love this event and every year I take the day off and really hope I can win these VIP tickets to make the day even better!

Russ A says:

Last escape from work was to attend the Amgen when it came to Clovis. Coouldn’t miss the chance to see the best in the world in our neck of the woods. We had seats 30 yards up from the finish. The riders went by us at about 40 MPH. Almost a blur but worth the wait.

Steve Grusis says:

I just put in for my time off. I hope to speak with potential sponsors about the San Joaquin Valley Omnium I am putting on in September.

Brandi Johnson says:

I have been on a mission to get VIP tickets for my dad.. he is a HUGE bike rider and has taken the day off work to go and I would LOVE to win him VIP Tickets.

Junior says:

Took a day off to go surfing last year…was it worth it? office cubicle vs. pacific ocean…most definitely worth it! The Tour de CA would be rad too!

Hop says:

Im ditching the California classic to watch the amgen tour. My wife and I would love the tickets as we met Koen de Kort, who finished 4th yesterday, in Gerona, Spain last year at a bike shop. We figure this would be our best chance to meet up with him again

AJ Garcia says:

wow! this is amazing my dad loves to go on bike rides, and watch them! he does so much for me and he would love it so much if i won these vip tickets for us:) it would be such a good experiance!! well good luck to all those that are going on the bike ride!!!

Rick says:

It’s exciting to have this caliber of racing locally.

Lorraine Bittner says:

The last year Lance Armstrong rode in the Amgen Tour I decided I wanted to go see him. I debated about whether I should call in “sick” or ask for the day off and then should it be denied, lose the chance to see my hero in person. I decided to go the honest route, asked for the day, got it, and drove up to Modesto to watch the beginning of the race. I waited patiently near the front of the autograph line as Lance made his way along…chatting with everyone. As he reached me, I handed him my Amgen Tour jersey to autograph and put out my hand for him to shake. He took my hand, told me how glad he was we had come to watch the race, and handed me the autographed jersey. The next day I’m sitting at work and one of the employees tells me there is a picture of Lance shaking someone’s hand on the front page of the Sports section and it sure looks a lot like ME. Sure enough, there I was front and center with Lance’s and my hands and eyes locked together. It was sure a good thing I was honest about taking the day off, otherwise how could I have ever explained being in Modesto and the start of the race? After the race started, we headed for Clovis and waited along with the throng of other fans for the incredible finish.

Stephen Lewis says:

The last perfect ditch day for me was two years ago at the last AMGEN stage that finished in Clovis. I spent much of the morning checking out the festival and talking to bicycle builders and suppliers. Then I went out to Minniwawa and Behymer to my assigned duty station as a course marshal along the course.

Shane says:

I to just put it in for tomorrow off to watch the race. My job doesnt like its employees “ditching”. The best of luck to everyone on the oppurtunity to win the VIP passes but two tickets just isnt quite enough for me, taking my wife and three children to watch. This is a great chance to get out with the family and keep the excitement of bicycling going. Love to ride not always enough time go CSC!

marginwalker says:

I skip work everyday!

Joe P says:

Best ditch day was meeting my son at Solvang TT a few years ago.
He rode the course early in the morning. May do it again at Bako on Thursday.

featheredmonkey says:

The best time I ever took the day off, I ended up going to Las Vegas, and then the Grand Canyon. I woke up one morning, getting ready for my regular day, when a friend called. She said she was on her way to Las Vegas. I looked up train/bus schedules, packed a backpack worth of clothes and toiletries, and was on the next train 15 minutes later. Most spontaneous and fun day off I ever had.

Joe Galetti says:

I may have to work all night to make up for it but it would be worth it!

Carol Borboa says:

Havent ditched in a long time but the Perfect Ditch Day would be VIP passes for tomorrow!

Katelynn Johnson says:

Fingers crossed for a DITCH DAY Tomorrow with VIP Passes!

Dave says:

I took the day off to see the Tour of California finish in Paso Robles a couple years ago. The finish did not have any fences or barricades. After the riders came through I noticed the former domestique to Lance Armstrong, George Hincape just standing with is bike in the middle of the road. I jumped out there with him, put my arm around him and had my sister in law snap a picture. After that I chatted with him for a couple minutes. He is a class act! That was one of my best ditch days.

Katelynn Johnson says:

I can never miss work but this would be so Awesome to win these passes… I am feeling “sick” already :) MY FINGERS ARE CROSSED!

Megan Borboa says:

I cant put my last ditch day on blast but I would LOVE to WIN VIP tickets PLEASE!

Debbie T says:

I have too many ditch days to write about… I am all about FUN and would love to WIN these passes to have another FUN DAY tomorrow!

JJ Johnson says:

Ditch Day? whats that? work? whats that? .. VIP TICKETS PLEASE AND THANK YOU!!!!!!

Nathan says:

I’m going to take a “sick” ditch day for the Bakersfield time-trail, would make it even sweeter to take a ditch day the day before to savor cycling and some tri-tip in downtown!

Kyle matlock says:

I ditched for the innagural tour of california, drive to san luis obispo and watched then cross the line in an amazing bunch sprint.the following day I drive to solvang and spent the day watching the time trial

Brian Munoz says:

The best taking the day off moment for me is taking a day off from training and spending it with my partner relaxing. Those are the best taking the day off moments I have. We sit at home or ride our bikes to the store and grab “snacks” for the day. I have no cares in the world and just kick back and relax because I have just taken the day off.

Greg Eisner says:

Best Ditch Day: Ditching my weekend farm labor job when I was in high school (1973) to see Led Zeppelin in Oakland. Back then it was called Bill Graham presents: “A Day on the Green” with Led Zeppelin. Even snuck in a little 8mm movie camera in my blanket along with a few little party items…

Chris Belden says:

My favorite ditch day allowed me participate in the Tour de Tahoe. A beautiful 74 mile bike ride around the lake. Happens every year the weekend after Labor Day. Great fun,

KJ Ann says:

Skip work???? YES PLEASE!!!!! Please enter me to win these VIP passes that I can share with my DAD for an early Fathers Day!

B Loyd says:

I am self-emplyoed… Need I say more? I would LOVE these tickets!!!! Please pick my name!

Elva Giants says:

Last ditch day was to see a Giants Game… this would be even better since its closer to home with FREE food and beer! Please choose me!!!

Whtiney says:

The boyfriend had conspired with my boss to let me have a day off for a day trip to Pismo. He was going to surprise me at home before I made it to work but alas he slept in, (hey he had the day off who could blame him). The text message from my boss saying “why is Whitney at work?” was his wake-up call for the morning…oops. So instead I got in a few hours of work in and the rest of the day at the beach with my man. That man is now my hubby and we have already taken tomorrow off to enjoy the race this would be another awesome day-off with my man.

Jim Stites says:

I took the day off in 2009 to see the stage finish in Clovis. Watching the racers come in at the finish line was a once in a lifetime opportunity for me. Fortunately, we arrived in plenty of time to check out the vendors and all of the local shops. This is one of the many cycling events that the City of Clovis supports, and we should all do our part to show our appreciation in supporting the local establishments and the City. Keep up the great work.

Brian L Baker says:

Since I’ve been laid off and un/der employed, every day is a day off and both wonderful and nightmarishly horrible, all at the same time.

Michelle says:

I take the day off every day.

Teri Farnesi says:

My best day off recently is tomorrow May 16, 2012….

jls says:

flex schedule means no need to ditch, yay.

Michelle says:

i’m a stay at home mom, so the best “day off” of work i,ve had was dropping my 3month old off at Nana’s so I could drive with dad on a delivery in the South Valley!

Joe Saubert says:

40 year High School Reunion this year – yes – believe my last ditch day was 1972.
Long over due.