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Meet Krispy Kreme, the hottest rapper of 2012

Meet young rapper Krispy Kreme, a viral Internet sensation who is being dubbed rap’s Rebecca Black. His first video, “The Baddest,” zoomed past a million views. And his second video, “Haters Wanna Be Me,” has only been up for a day and is already at 150,000+ views. Thanks, in part. of his mean-mugging sidekick Money Maker Mike.

I don’t know that this really is Rebecca Black-ish. There are plenty of unintentionally bad rappers out there. This seems like the opposite. There’s some well-placed comedic know-how at play. (The pool of snot under his nose? Come on, that’s great).

The whole thing kind of reminds of me that Kanye West video that starred Zach Galifianakis. I wouldn’t be surprised if somebody like Andy Samberg was ultimately revealed to be behind this. The whole story will certainly emerge. That’s the Internet’s job. For now, let’s all just enjoy Krispy Kreme.

This is my favorite can’t-tell-if-this-is-real rap song since Bangs’ “Meet Me on Facebook.”

Responses to "Meet Krispy Kreme, the hottest rapper of 2012"

Marc M. says:

Krispy Kreme or Kitty Pryde?

Andrea says:

The boogers falling out of his right nostril make the video all the more wonderful! lol

Stephen says:

Tell me these aren’t the Crazy Frog Bros!!?!

They’d be the right age here…