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Could this be the answer to our concert mystery?

The Intrust Bank Arena in Wichita held a press conference on Monday to announce a concert. Does that scenario sound familiar? This is what happened in Kansas.

Seems to fit our situation, right? Keep in mind that Van Halen recently added dates in Sacramento and Reno to its tour schedule. If this is the case — and I’m not saying it is, it could just be a coincidence — would such news make you happy?

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Responses to "Could this be the answer to our concert mystery?"

chris oviedo says:

With special guest Kool And The Gang!

HarmsWayChad says:

I still think its a Creed and Nickelback tour!

Jaime says:

Eh, wouldn’t make me happy, wouldn’t make me upset. I’m just enjoying the speculation and the buildup.

Ben says:

Best day ever!

ahmward says:

Why have a press concert for someone who has already been here such as Van Halen?

Mike Oz says:

Considering the video, maybe it’s something that the band is doing in various cities, and not necessarily the arena.

Jessica says:

kinda disappointed. I spent a pretty penny the last time they were here. It was a great time, but it’s not like they haven’t been on tour recently so they need a press conference.

This would have been the way to go the last time. But, good marketing over all.

RL says:

I’m hoping for a hologram of Whitesnake.

David says:

If this is the big announcement, it will simply show again how lame Fresno is when it comes to drawing attention to it’s self. Van Halen? Go to You Tube and you can view a whole concert from this tour from Indianapolis. It is awful. David Lee Roth cannot even sing anymore. Eddie sounds like an imitator of Eddie. Why get excited about this? It’s not the original line-up. Not wasting my money on this. Plus, the opening band is Kool and the Gang. Really???

Spin Doctor says:

Well it might not be the arena/Fresno doing the press conference it’s just a marketing tool used by the promoter. Considering it had people talking, and even bad talk is good talk, the tool worked!

Kevin says:

1. Van Halen has been here numerous times. Not sure why this would be such a special announcement. I and yes David, even though I only saw them as Van Hagar* (see below), you are correct. Everything Ive heard about them is that theyre horrible with DLR and Wolfgang. You need Michael Anthony back for that unique distinct backup vocal quality he brough to Van Halen. And frankly, we all know Sammy Hagar is a better singer and talent than DLR. The Van Hagar years also brought a more mature song lyric content. They went from chasing girls with DLR to falling in love and staying with a girl with Van Hagar…if that makes any sense. This video is proof of Hagar’s superior talent to DLR. Watch Sammy play Eddies guitar parts on Love Walks In. Thats Eddie Van Halen’s guitar licks. One of the best guitairsits ever. Can DLR even pick up a guitar?

2. If you want to see how great Van Halen used to sound, get the “Right Here RIght Now Live DVD” which was filmed over 2 nights in Fresno 20 years ago this month. I would know. I was there as a youngster. It was sick. Couldnt believe all the cameras and gear when I got there. Cameras on poles flying everywhere. Some of that’s on youtube too.

I used to tell everyone how great Van Halen was because of that concert. Then lately as I got older, I would run into people who said they had seen them more recently than I had, and said they were terrible to my amazement.

Get rid of DLR and freaking Wolfgang and youll have one kick a** modern day rock band back. Itll never happen if you know them. Theyre as bad as Guns N Roses when it comes to their vitrol for each other, made even worse with brothers and the ‘blood is thicker than water’ vibe in Van halen

Childers says:


JJJJ says:

I can see it being Van Halen.

For New Rock, it might be something big (Selland again?) or hopefully something smaller (Rainbow)? They havent done a rainbow-sized show in awhile.


Jim S says:

Bring The Black Keys here….now THAT would be BIG!!!