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Concert Mystery: What’s the Save Mart Center about to announce?


The Save Mart Center announced today that it would be making a “major concert announcement” on Friday. When you announce you plan to make an announcement, that’s big, right? Needless to say, this has sent the people who eye the concert scene here into game-show-contestant mode, throwing out guess after guess.

As far as I can remember, Save Mart Center has only once held a press conference to announce a concert. That was the Rolling Stones. That doesn’t, of course, mean that it has to be an act of the Stones’ caliber. Times, and marketing tactics, change. But it’s gotta be somebody who will make a splash, right?

Justin Bieber? He’s going on tour soon. Aerosmith? Van Halen? Those are two big rock tours happening soon that could land here based on their current routing. But they’ve both been here before. Do they warrant a press conference? I’ve heard from a couple of people who think it’s Bruce Springsteen. My dark horse? Garth Brooks! Probably not, but that sure would warrant a press conference.

Kathy and I have spent the last few hours trading ideas and theories. Here’s how they break down. Any good guesses? Or just a wish list? Sound off in the comments?

COULD BE: Justin Bieber, Madonna, J-Lo and Enrique Iglesias, Aerosmith, Van Halen, One Direction, Rush.

WOULD BE COOL IF IT WERE: Garth Brooks, Bruce Springsteen, The Beach Boys, Foo Fighters, Adele, Hologram Tupac.

PROBABLY NOT: Coldplay, Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj, The Jacksons.

Responses to "Concert Mystery: What’s the Save Mart Center about to announce?"

Israel says:

My 3 guesses:
-The Jacksons Unity tour
-Roger Waters: The wall live
or major country act.

Kristin says:

you can’t just give some info==when they announce–HOW-WHERE DO WE SEE IT AT?

Marc M. says:

+1 for Hologram Tupac.

Seriously though, I think the Biebs or Garth Brooks would be the two biggest shows they could announce.

Mike Oz says:

The announcement is at 10 a.m. Don’t know when tickets are available. I’m sure they’ll tell us on Friday.

Jerry says:

I’ll bet it’s Carrie Underwood. She is on tour through California in October. She has open dates on the 15th, 17th and 19th,

Stephen says:

I don’t think they’d need a presser for Biebs or Brooks or even GaGa.

They would for….


Mike Oz says:

U2 is more of a stadium band. Doesn’t mean it can’t happen, but I considered it and didn’t even list it because I don’t think it’s even a possibility. That said, U2 + The Chuk would be so dope.

Joy says:

How about Queen opening for Aerosmith?

Joy says:

Didn’t they do an announcement for Marilyn Manson, too?

Mike Oz says:

Marilyn Manson has never performed at Save Mart Center

Trevor Sa says:

Tupac hologram.

Kevin says:

For the record, Dr Dre has confirmed Tupac Hologram is not going on tour. Coachella only

Kevin says:

Ive never seen SMC make an announce like this, for even Madonna. It wont be anyone thats played there in the past imo.
It has to be something so mind blowingly original, diverse, legendary and huge that a 4 day build of an announcement is necessary. Without question it will be Nickleback everybody.

On a side note, I just found out that Justin Bieber is Canadian. That finally sort of answers everything now.
So screw it, ill say its him thats playing.

Sugar-Ray says:

This ticket broker … …is already advertising for Justin Bierber tickets in Fresno…

Ernie says:

Does Garth Brooks tour anymore? I know he’s doing a stint in Vegas. I recall he retired from touring but does occasional peroformances here and there. It would be cool, but my imaginary money’s on The Biebs.

Mike Oz says:

He hasn’t toured in years. He does do the Vegas gig. But he’s said he would return to touring once his kids get older. I’m just trying to think of what kind of announcement would warrant a press event. That’s definitely one.

Duane Hansen says:

It’s that crazy kid Justin Bieber

Mike B says:

Springsteen will be complete the first leg of the North American tour this Spring, then Europe until the end of the Summer. The second leg of North America tour will be in the fall and at arenas, like the Savemart center. Sp Fresno is a real possibility. It’s been reported that Springsteen will be on tour until Summer 2013.

Mike Oz says:

That’s a popular guess in the newsroom here.

Mike B says:

If it is Beiber, hopefully Floyd Mayweather will join him on stage.

Nick says:

Dave Matthews Band?

Garth would be freaking cool….

Bieber would be very disappointing….

Kevin says:

That new Justin Bieber song “Boyfriend” is just about the stupidest song I’ve ever heard. Are we sure the press release didnt say “Major tool coming to smc”. And it will be loud!….. with screaming little girls!…… like when Britney came. Say whatever happened to HER and HER fans?
I wonder what the big news really is?
Bieber “playing” Fresno isnt major, its just the latest pop de jour.
Let him make his money, and lets take our bets if he’ll ever come back to Fresno again.
Not because he liked or didn’t like Fresno, but the kid wont have a career in say…….Looks at watch…..Looks at Bieber…..

When puberty’s over.
Puberty is a mothereffer for little girl pop fans. Come to Fresno Bieber get your money Bieber and bring that overstyled dopey hair and pink lip gloss of yours. Keep tryin too hard bro we love it bro

if its not Bieber, I still stick by my story.