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Fresnocentric Tweets of the Week

Brought to us by a visiting (?) youth minister, a high school football player from Hanford and an upstart local smack-talk account.

Funny? Sad? Entertaining? You decide.

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Responses to "Fresnocentric Tweets of the Week"

ed says:

tom butler is, “just a all-around, really amazing, awesome, incredible, inspiringly humble guy.”

how do i know that? his profile tells me so. which seems very humble. good lawd i hope that tongue is firmly stuffed in his cheek on all tweets.

Scott says:

Mike, maybe you shouldve stayed in San Jose (since its so much better) and gotten your degree instead of coming here and spreading your tongue in cheek “material” to us lucky readers…
we dont care about what some strangers say about this area..we dont care about strangers on twitter…. but youre perma aroused over what….gossip. you must not get enough drama in your real life, you go around writing little blogs like this. I think its sad you have to post stuff like this. These people are nobodies and you care about them.

Funny, sad, entertaining, youre all 3 friend.

Tom butler says:

Don’t worry Ed, it is.
In all fairness, my first trip to Fresno was pretty nice. Aside from a couple mean tweeters (not saying I didn’t deserve it), I’d love to come back & catch a grizzlies game…if you’ll have me, that is!

LuvlyRta says:

Ha, good one

LuvlyRta says:

Brayden Sanchez’ is pretty funny!

P.S. I don’t get oz haters {shrug}

Mike Oz says:

Hey, look everybody, Kevin/Howard/Mark has another new name to troll the site with. Let’s all give him a hand. He sure puts a lot of work into trolling and deserves our praise.

I like to answer these questions seriously and tell people what we do in Fresno: Tonight I’m going to our awesome farmers market, there’s a Tweetup at the pool at the baseball stadium tomorrow and Friday I’ll have to choose between the Creative Fresno blender and the Star Wars pub crawl. And I haven’t even gotten to the weekend yet!

what famers market? how do you or does one find out about these things?

Mike Oz says:

Read the paper, for one.
There’s a big story in today’s Bee about the seasonal farmer’s markets:

wienzer says:

Thanks Mike, I missed this.