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Patrick Contreras … going viral?

Fresno music lovers don’t need any introduction to adventurous violinist Patrick Contreras, who has made a career out of doing the out-of-the-ordinary. But the rest of the country is getting to know his work thanks to the Internet.

In early April, Contreras put a cover of “Wicked Games” by on-fire-right-now R&B act The Weeknd. The video — from Akira Productions — got featured last week on World Star Hip Hop, one of the most popular hip-hop sites on the ‘net and has racked up more than 50,000 views there. It’s also been featured on a number of blogs, including NME and Power 98.3.

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Responses to "Patrick Contreras … going viral?"

Julie Christian says:

Love LOVE love Patrick Contreras!! His musical abilities are amazing!He’s a class act and plays every genre of music you can think of. Hired him for my wedding reception and it was the best money spent at my wedding!!!

ed says:

how dare you credit the guy that recorded the video! mike oz you fresno hater! you must be paid to do so! san jose carpetbagger!

Christy says:

I’ve always admired Patrick’s work. Glad to see he’s getting some well deserved (national) recognition! :)

Steven says:

Cool Video, Patrick Contreras and Steve Ono be doing a live acoustic version of the Wicked Games on May 3rd as part of the Fresno Folklore Society free show at Frank’s Place at the Warnor’s. Congrats also to Akira Productions and my former guitar student, Derek.

Tommy says:

I think he’s a great musician Julie.Even though the video posted did run a tad long with the same unending chord progressions in the background.Some of the violin shredding parts sounded repetitive too at times as if they hit the ceiling of the wow factor too soon and then less impressed midway through.