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The ladies of NOtown: Pookie


The hard-hitting, sharp-skating women of NOtown Roller Derby start their home season this weekend, squaring off against the High Country Hellcats (Sonora) in two Saturday night bouts at the Fresno Fairgrounds.

This week, we’re helping you get to know some of the team through our Ladies of NOtown series. We already met Hurricane Huckaby, Spanky Sample and Buggie Smalls. Next up is Pookie. Oh, and this is your last call to enter for free tickets (see below) — 5 p.m. is the deadline to comment.

Real name: Christina Lewis
Age: 24
Position: Pivot/Blocker
Number: 49
# of years playing roller derby: Six

What is the meaning behind your derby name?
Pookie (Garfield’s teddy bear) was a nickname from school and I used it in an old e-mail address. My teammates just started calling me Pookie and it stuck.

What is your signature move on the track? What should the fans be on the lookout for?
My signature move would have to be backward blocking.


What injuries have you sustained playing roller derby?
Various shoulder and knee injuries, but the worst would be my broken ankle. I broke it in three places and had surgery to put in hardware.

Aside from skating, what is your involvement in NOtown Roller Derby?
Currently, I am serving as head trainer and work on various other committees. In the past, I have served on the Board of Directors and as captain.

NOtown has recently been accepted into WFTDA as an apprentice league. What changes do you see happening in NOtown?
Our WFTDA apprenticeship will give us the opportunity to grow as a team, play teams we never have in the past, and hopefully one day compete in regionals and nationals.

Other than playing roller derby, what can you be found doing in Fresno?
I am really active and like to be on the go. When not at derby practice you can find me at Blue Moon doing Bikram yoga and, more recently, in fencing class at Fresno Fencing Academy.

What is your favorite part about playing roller derby in Fresno?
Being able to play in front of an amazing home crowd that supports our skating.

What is your advice to someone interested in joining NOtown?
Watch as much roller derby as you can, read the rules, and SKATE as much as possible. You need a good skating foundation to be a great derby player!

Everything you need to know about Saturday night’s bout is below. Tickets can be purchased online at


Comment on this post to get entered into a drawing for a free pair of tickets to Saturday’s bout. Entries are accepted until 5 p.m. today. Winner will be drawn at random and notified via e-mail.

[photos: David Costa Photography (action) + Venture Photography (studio)]

Responses to "The ladies of NOtown: Pookie"

Rebecca Bullard says:

Pookie rocks my socks!! Go NoTown!!

amy prince says:

Super excited to see our first bout this Saturday!!

Raquel says:

I love you girls!

simone weber says:

I am so proud to have NO Town REPRESENt Fresno. You guys kick tush. Darn this was posted after 5pm grrrrrr

Cheeeeeeeeeez Liz says:

Go Pookie!

Jim Henderson says:

I love to watch roller derby.