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The ladies of NOtown: Buggie Smalls


The hard-hitting, sharp-skating women of NOtown Roller Derby start their home season this weekend, squaring off against the High Country Hellcats (Sonora) in two Saturday night bouts at the Fresno Fairgrounds.

This week, we’re helping you get to know some of the team through our Ladies of NOtown series. We already met Hurricane Huckaby and Spanky Sample. Next up is Buggie Smalls. Oh, and be sure to read all the way to the bottom if you like free stuff.

Real name: Geri Blum
Age: 32
Position: Pivot/blocker/jammer
Number: 666
# of years playing roller derby: Four

What is the meaning behind your derby name?
Friends have been calling me Buggie for years and I’m small so I went with a play on Biggie Smalls.

What is your signature move on the track? What should the fans be on the lookout for?
When I jam I like to go through blockers legs! They never expect it.


What injuries have you sustained playing roller derby?
The only injuries I’ve sustained are bruises. I’ve rolled my ankle once but no broken bones … knock on wood.

Aside from skating, what is your involvement in NOtown Roller Derby?
I sit on the board of directors as vice president

NOtown has recently been accepted into WFTDA as an apprentice league. What changes do you see happening in NOtown?
Being accepted into the WFTDA Apprentice Program, I see NOtown becoming even more serious of a competitor.

Other than playing roller derby, what can you be found doing in Fresno?
Outside of derby I do a lot of Bikram or hot yoga at BlueMoon. It’s a great way to cross train and has done wonders with my body. The hot yoga has assisted me with my endurance and stamina.

What is your favorite part about playing roller derby in Fresno?
I love the girls who make up NOtown. I’ve played for other leagues in other states and haven’t had as great of an experience as I have with NOtown! We’re like one big family! NOtown is comprised of a great group of girls and we have the best fans!

What is your advice to someone interested in joining NOtown?
I say come check us out, watch practice, watch a bout, and try out! I promise you’ll love it! And if skating isn’t your thing, we are always looking for staff and volunteers.

Everything you need to know about Saturday night’s bout is below. Tickets can be purchased online at


Comment on this post to get entered into a drawing for a free pair of tickets to Saturday’s bout. Entries are accepted until 5 p.m. today. Winner will be drawn at random and notified via e-mail.

[photos: David Costa Photography (action) + Venture Photography (studio)]

Responses to "The ladies of NOtown: Buggie Smalls"

amy prince says:

My kids are crazy excited to see their fist NoTown bout!!!

Sarah campbell says:

I can’t wait!

jonathan says:

MY FAVORITE! Buggie is the best…someone so little with so much heart…my son loves her too…little 5 year old guy and I think he is in love with her…Smart kid I say.

crystal Ruiz says:

Buggie Smalls is my favorite skater I just love her name I so want to go to Saturdays match

Rebecca Bullard says:

NOTOWN knows how to bring an action packed derby bout! They are all very fierce women on the track! Hope to see you there!!

cvillarreal says:

Sounds likea lot of fun! :)

Anthony Ridgway says:

I keep missing these bouts. Here’s hoping I remember this one!

Stephen says:

I’m a bad person. I’m a big fan of NOtown…

…but haven’t yet been to a bout :-(

Carmen H says:

This is great I can’t wait til Saturday!

shant postoyan says:

Buggie Smalls Rocks! They’re season’s going to rock too :)

Cheez Liz says:

Love you Buggie!

FeliciaLR says:

My 13 year old son seen the poster for the roller derby and says “man girls rock”!!!!!

Judith Palmer says:

I remember watching roller derby on tv with my dad when I was a young kid, many many years ago. It was a lot of fun. My friends daughter was working with the derby when it first started in Fresno again but she got hurt. It would be fun to go to see after all these years

Shawn says:

I have a teen daughter who is on Lacrosse team this is right up her alley! She would love to go see this!

mdub420 says:

Mos definitely the hottest roller derby girl. I know I would never be able to get the time from her.

amber montgomery says:

i would like to take my daughter, she saw these ladies at the mardi graw parade in the tower and she thought they were cool.