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Did Pizza Hut rip-off The Black Keys?

Anybody see this new Pizza Hut commercial? Perhaps during tonight’s NFL Draft? When I first heard it, I thought, daaaaamn, The Black Keys are in another commercial? But then I noticed, the song sounded a bit funny, a bit off-brand. Like the Sunny Select version of The Black Keys’ “Gold on the Ceiling.”

Am I tripping here? Or did Pizza Hut totally rip-off The Black Keys with some cheapo muzak version?

Proper version below for comparison.

Responses to "Did Pizza Hut rip-off The Black Keys?"

Jazzypoppette says:

That’s so funny that you just posted this.. I just saw the commercial and thought the same thing. I’m a HUGE Black Keys fan and my ear instantly caught the similarity!

Wack ass ripe off for sure!!!

John says:

100% rip off!! I just saw the commercial, and I began searching immediately. Thankfully someone else heard it too! Of course, Pizza Hut’s hack version has nothing on the real “Gold On the Ceiling.”

Wow, that’s pretty bad! Plus, that crust looks extra gross.

junker23 says:

Yup, that’s a huuuuuuuge ripoff.

And I mean, “Gold on the Ceiling” seems like it was written specifically to be used in promos – it’s been in at least, what, a dozen? – so maybe it’s just some kind of formula.

Drew says:

Total rip off! I am boycotting Pizza Hut (not that I ever ate there) and all Yum! Brands. So Pepsi, Taco Bell, KFC… yeah, these would all be things to avoid.

eric says:

this happens a lot if you notice. the companies must do this because it is in fact completely legal, a lot cheaper than using the actual song and it grabs the listeners attention. pretty smart actually, not that i like it.

NO WAY! says:

Shazam it bitches!!!


Black keys wish Pizza Hut would use them.

Sorry Black Keys.

Jesse jones says:

black keys should go kick pizza huts ass if they did not have 10 dollar pizzas I wouldn’t even eat there.And buffet on wens-day WTF? im probably going to boycott them f***’em i got taco bell