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So long Victory Grill, hello Me-N-Ed’s take on Mexican food


Despite all the other turmoil and chaos at Granite Park, we could always count on Victory Grill.

No matter how much drama was at that nightclub, we always knew that the sporty Me-N-Ed’s offshoot would be there for us. Right, Victory Grill?


Sadly, not even Victory Grill — the longest-lasting survivor in the Mess That Milt Built — could be a winner at Granite Park. Though it made a good go of it. The Bee’s Bethany Clough reported on Tuesday that Victory Grill has closed and will be replaced next week by a new restaurant called Revolución Tequila Bar & Cocina, which opens May 5 from the same ownership group.

From Clough’s post:

“We’re focusing on traditional Mexican food made fresh,” said John Ferdinandi, president and CEO of Milano Restaurants International, the parent company of Me-N-Ed’s.

Corn and flour tortillas are made from scratch and the restaurant will use fresh vegetables, locally sourced when possible. They’ll have more than 70 types of tequila and mariachis will occasionally play in the restaurant, he said.

The restaurant is closed while the building is revamped. When it’s done, it will feature pictures of Pancho Villa and murals that contribute to a rustic, authentic feel.

“It’s eclectic. It brings in different aspects of Hispanic culture,” Ferdinandi said

I hope one of the tequilas its serves is Cabo Wabo. If so, I’m gonna stop by and make a toast to the ghosts of Granite Park.

Responses to "So long Victory Grill, hello Me-N-Ed’s take on Mexican food"

Common Sense says:

Sorry but I don’t count on other people’s businesses or investments. The fact that it was @ Granite Park should have gave you a hint.

jaurique says:

there are way too many mexican restaurants in town already but I do like the Tequila bar idea. maybe they will serve shots the size I get them in Mexico and with a side of sangria.

Gianna says:

There certainly are a lot of Mexican food places in town. I grew up on Mexican food and I love to try new places serving it because it does NOT all taste the same.

I’m actually looking forward to this new place. Good luck to them.

Stephen says:

No one’s come on yet to say “ghettoe!”

Matter of time I guess.

Meanwhile my best friends linger and somehow thrive in the business center, praying still for the day when Granite Park somehow takes off, when the softball fields will be redone, when the City or Omni will put in all those proposed changes, and when Milt Barbis will be incarcerated in a Turkish prison.*

*that last prayer might be mine alone…

b2burns says:

Chin up. Maybe we taxpayers will involuntarily rescue it just as we financed Granite Park itself!

Carolyn De Shazer says:

Ate there on 5/28/2012 and was really disappointed in the food. I had the combination plate consisting of a taco, chili rellano, and enchilada. The taste was okay but the shredded beef and pork had too much fat in the meat. The salsa and chips were outstanding so if I ever go back I think I would stick to nachos. Didn’t try the margaritas.

We need a Mayor who cares. says:

That’s what some people say about all of Fresno.