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Beehive Birthday 7: Tomorrow! Tomorrow! Tomorrow!

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OK, guys. We’re a day away from Beehive Birthday 7 at Rotary Playland. I know it’s a soggy day today, but the forecast is clear for the party. Let’s all just keep our fingers crossed.

A few of the key details: The party runs from 6:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. Admission is $5 for adults. Kids 12 and under are free. Rides are unlimited for everybody once you’re in. Keep reading for all the fun and Fresnocentric things we have planned and the long list of prizes you could win. We hope to see you there!


  • We’re doing Improv on the Train. Roque and Bryan from Dumb Drum will bringing their “Cross Streets” schtick and Marcos Hammer from Blimprov will make you laugh too. Enjoy the train in an entirely new way.
  • NOtown Roller Derby will be taking over the roller coaster for Roller Coastin’ with Roller Girls. You can meet and ride with some of Fresno’s toughest gals, plus maybe win tickets to their April 28 bout.
  • Everybody loves the carousel, right? Well we’re adding a little extra spin. We’re piping in some music for Spinnin’ on the Carousel.
  • Fresh off their stellar Rogue Festival performance, NOCO (Fresno Dance Collective) will be doing new and rad — an aerial dance performances. I don’t know what to tell you to expect. But it sounds crazy. Be there to see it.
  • Craig Kohlruss is setting up his mega-fun photo booth again for us. You’ve loved it at our past events and you’ve love it this time too.
  • Ryan Beatty isn’t coming this time. He’s on tour in China. But The Waving Lady is still gonna be there. Take a picture with her.
  • The cam will be out taking in the scenes. The ladies from I Heart Fresno will be behind it. So if you see them, say hi, answer a question and maybe you’ll make it into a video.
  • Local pro wrestling group Main Event Wrestling will be hosting a thumb-wrestling tournament. Show up and sign up to join.
  • Also joining us are some cool groups/organizations from our fair city, that includes Creative Fresno, 59 Days of Code, The Full Moxie, Vineyard Farmers Market, Dead in 60 Years and more.
  • We’ll be pouring Tioga-Sequoia in the beer garden and all of Playland’s usual concessions will be open for you to grub on.


Responses to "Beehive Birthday 7: Tomorrow! Tomorrow! Tomorrow!"

Kevin says:

Sorry ladies, but I won the contest to ride the train with Mike. Alone ;)

Whitney says:

Sooooo. How was it? Anyone have sex in the bushes?

Who wore the lampshade?

Naps says:

If a party happens in the zoo and no ones around to hear it..