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Rome Nightclub in for ‘drastic’ change?


Oh, Rome Nightclub, you’re always there for some good ol’ drama whenever I need you.

The latest: The general manager who recently took over is out, so he tells me. Further, the rumblings are that another “shake-up” in the works. So I called the club’s owner, John Janda, looking for answers.

This is exactly how the phone call went:

“This is Mike from The Fresno Bee …”

“Why do I want to talk to you?”

“Well …”

“If you are a spin doctor, I don’t want to talk to you. I’m going to do something drastic and you will hear about it.”


Wow. Not that I’ve never gotten hung up on before — but as far as characters go, Rome and Granite Park seem to have a never-ending supply. Janda eventually called me back and we had a more pleasant chat, though still totally unproductive. He didn’t hang up on me, but he also wouldn’t tell me what “drastic” change he was planning. So I thought it would be fun if we all guessed.

At this point, given that club’s tumultous history, what “drastic” change would work? What would surprise you? I say: He’s hiring Sammy Hagar as GM. *chuckle*

PREVIOUSLY: Yes, Rome Nightclub is still open — but for how long?

Responses to "Rome Nightclub in for ‘drastic’ change?"

Conlan says:

The club will be co-managed by two princes.

brodiemash says:

The name will change from “Rome” to “Vatican” and will become a church. What celebrity will be there opening mass?

Mike Oz says:

How about just Prince?

Conlan says:

Quit trying to spin me, spin doctor!

coasterguy says:


I hope the drastic change is Roman Gladiator Fighting, I f-ing loved that movie !! It is all like Mid-evil MMA but with weapons… Rad

Stacy P. says:

You should’ve had me call him. Maybe I will…

mdub420 says:

it will change from 21 and up to 18 and up.

bradley says:

A 24hr Scrapbooking Palace. With booze. Imagine the memories.

Kevin says:

Remodel it with no right angles. Thats right.

Club Rome will become Club Donut.
The holes will be running the place.

Donald Munro says:

He’s changing the name to The Beehive. And naming you as general manager, Mike.

Kevin says:

mdub certainly is a dreamer you cant fault him for that.

Mike Oz says:

Well then, I sure hope he’s better at delegating than answering phone calls.

Anon says:

He fired the GM brought in some person named Noor and is changing the name to the club.

SpinDR D says:

…You spin me right round, right round like a record, baby Right round round round…

FacebookSam says:

Well…given the place’s history, perhaps the only real drastic change might involve large, heavy motor-driven products by John Deere, Case, and Caterpillar.

Ann says:

How about a complete change?

Instead of crappy bands and DJs, switch to quality live music. Yes, real bands. We have actual musicians in Fresno.

Instead of a rep for tackiness and bad behavior, switch to a classier vibe and go after clientele who have a clue about how to conduct themselves in public.

Am I just dreaming here?

Stephen says:

They’re finally going with transparency as a marketing model.

It will now be called “Kirk’s Guido’s and Ho’s Club,” where dancing starts at 8 and fighting starts at 10.

Their sales pitch: “Dress naughty, be naughty, pay big prices.”

To save money, cash registers will be taken out and replaced with big pockets labelled “KIRK.” Each night at 1:35am Kirk Vartanian walks through sneaking the money out the front door at knifepoint while cursing everyone in the place.

It’ll be a BUHLAST!

jaurique says:

really? that was a weak as hell attempt at humor……

Jaurique says:

So sad to see a place with such great potential get wasted like this. The original concept and events that were held there (concerts, MMA events) were very successful and fun for all that attended.

the many changes have took a toll on the club and the people that tried to stay on were not treated fairly, given proper respect and were lied to.

I myself have been a strong supporter of the club because I feel this is what Fresno nightlife is lacking.

I have tried to speak to Doctor Janda and get hold of the new management due to a couple events I have set for Club Rome (or new name – Ali e per Doctor Janda). But have not had success

But as of now im not sure what will happen next. I wish whomever takes the helm luck and hope they know what they are getting themselves into.

amanda says:

Well being that I use too work with the Dr up until Andre days ago he informed me that they r changing the name to Skye Fresno. This is going to happen on Saturday.

tina says:

I know what the drastic change is….I just talked with Dr. J a day ago…they are changing the name to SKYE FRESNO.

JD says:

The funny thing is the ” so called problem” is NOT the name, John Jandas problems stem from far worse elements then the dam name!!! changing the name doesn’t change the fact that he has run what was a successful club into the ground in a matter of 6 weeks! He has to change the name for 1 purpose only he DOES NOT own the name Rome Night Club!!!!! Pino Borrelli is the owner of the name, look it up in Fresno city records if you wish!! John Janda has 7 lawsuits pending as of right now that have been filed RECORDS do not lie!!!! If you guys know anything about him then you’ll know that his wife has kicked him out and he has been living in his doctors office! So before he tries to make “drastic” changes in a night club that he has ABSOLUTELY no knowledge of running successfully he needs to focus on his own life!!! Lol

mdub420 says:

so this John Janda is worse than Krikor Vartanian LOL!!

Duke says:


Rome has become a valley joke under new managment.When the doorman is made the “pretend” face of authority…it just can’t be taken seriously.There was always and urgency to dress your best when going because of it’s early reputation,but now it’s just another place.Drinks were pricey in the past ,but for good reason,now the lowered drink specials just attract any rift-raft and has really devalued the place into an instant nose-dive.Since the new takeover,it was obvious from the Kreayshawn Fat Tuesday concert that numbers were low and it should have been sold-out.The only thing that helped that night was the early shut-down in the tower where the overflow helped out many bar/clubs later on in the evening.Go for it Pino,you have the right to remain NOT Silent :)

eddie says:

Mike u should ask janda about.his partner Rick belcastro in las Vegas how Rick ran through his money and credit cards says:

“Skye Fresno”? That’s a crappy name with no recognition power whats-so-ever.Janda could still get sued for operating up until now under protected name of Rome NightClub…lol…it would still bankrupt the new “Skye”(lol) club regardless.

FRES says:

ROME SHOULD PAY THE MONEY THEY OWE TO THEIR SUPPLIERS!!! The place is packed… where does the money go? says:

Actually it’s not packed…the place can hold 1300 and it use to reach that until recently until Janda pulled a fast one as the “pretend owner” on paper by seizing control of the club.It’s been reported by undercover people with “counter clickers” that the club is only bringing less than half of 1300 (600-700) on a friday night now.With the help of mass-spread anti promotions of how bad the club sucks now,Janda should just waive the white flag already and surrender the club back to those that made it work financially for both the club and employees(even though Janda was skimming the money in a large way,but the huge numbers were still there)!The anti-promotions and spot light on Janda is too much for them to handle.They can use old photos of a packed place all they want,but it simply isn’t the case.

askYB.. says:

May be they should name it after KIRK V …..Scam Artist…..Or Club Thief ….MAYBE EVEN CLUB WANKSTERS cause all of fresno”s club “gansters” go their …

DJ lex says:

WTF! Skye night club. Same drama that is why I would not recommend anyone looking to get out for nice enjoyable time to go there. And Janda hired another thug with a wrap sheet for child kidnapping, running guns etc and he is currently exploiting strippers and whores in a house on van ness. Really! We met these guys who invited us and from looks of it it’s like motel 6!