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The Beehive Asks: Are you fighting hunger with Walmart again?


Let’s go back to December 2010: Walmart and its “Fighting Hunger Together” contest had taken over the local Internets. Throngs of us were obsessed with winning one million of Walmart’s dollars to feed our hungry through a confusing Facebook contest that counted our “likes.” We tried and tried, but came in second to Salt Lake City and got not a million, but $100,000.

This week, “Fighting Hunger Together” returned for year two. Fresno, once again, is in the running for a million dollars from Walmart and its crazy-clicking contest. Voting runs until April 30 and Fresno is sitting at No. 2 on the leaderboard, but rapidly moving up. It was much further back just a few days ago.

It seems like Walmart tried to clarify some of those confusing rules this time around — you can vote once a day, for instance.

The question here: Are you playing another round of Walmart’s game? I know a few folks whose reaction was “oh no, not again.” Buuuuuut, it is a worthwhile cause in a city where one in four people might go hungry on any given day.

So what do you think? In? Out? Hungry for Walmart’s dough? Had enough?

Responses to "The Beehive Asks: Are you fighting hunger with Walmart again?"

Natali says:

Thing is, spending much effort on this makes me feel like Charlie Brown kicking the football Lucy teed up again. I was one of the ones, along with the hubs, who stayed up ALL night clicking like multiple nights, energized by Fresnans coming together to help. But, certain that WalMart would do the right thing and disqualify the “bot” votes from Utah. There was NO way we could catch up hand “liking” away, but I believed WalMart would do the right thing and be fair in the end. Unfortunately, they wouldn’t even clarify the rules. I’m just not sure I trust them to stick to their own rules. Though, I’d feel like a jerk not trying to help Fresnans in need. So, I guess I’m torn?

Kiel says:

I will not be participating. If Walmart was truly interested in solving hunger they would given both Fresno & SLC the million. This is actually a PR campaign to build good will toward their further expansion.

In February I was called by a polling company obviously working for Walmart trying to gauge support for expansion of several local Walmarts. It was pretty surreal.

Sorry Walmart, you don’t have my vote.

We should work at solving hunger at the grass roots level. In Tulare County a group has started going around and harvesting unpicked fruit in people’s yards & donating it to the food bank. That is a cool idea we could do here too.

chuck garcia says:

Just go buy a bag of groceries and drop it off. Would never trust a big company to do the right thing. Especially when they can milk the feel good publicity to promote themselfs.

Jackie Grazier says:

OK, maybe I’m a sucker, but I’m playing again. Seems like clicking a button for a chance at $1 million to benefit the Community Food Bank is worth the effort.

Diane Flores says:

Hunger is not a contest. The thing is, Walmart has the actual data on what cities, counties, states, etc., that are in real need of this money to help stop humger. That’s why Fresno is once again a part of this contest. So why not just give those dollars out where it is most needed? Why make a contest of it?

Though of course, any effort on our part is worth helping out Fresno. I will probably be clicking away…

Cora Martinez says:

Whether Walmart fixes anything is not the point. The point is that they have millions of dollars to give away. The $100,000. that they gave Fresno could not have come from you or I, well especially from me, because I have no extra money to give. It just means we work alittle harder to hit the keys of that computer and WIN a MILLION DOLLARS FOR OUT COMMUNITY!