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New Eats: Tako BBQ — another Fresno food truck!


Many folks have been waiting for the food truck scene in Fresno to get kicked up a notch — what with the overwhelming success of Dusty Buns and all. Taste Kitchen is still in limbo, last we heard.

Well, today comes good news for Fresno food truck fans: We’ve got a Korean barbecue truck rolling around town now.

It’s called Tako BBQ and this is its second week on the street. They were just parked across from The Bee and I grabbed a spicy pork taco. It was delicious — and spicy.

Tako BBQ is run by the husband-wife duo Tony and Eun Joo Mullins. Tony is an ex-marketing guy and Eun Joo went to culinary school in Korea. She’s previously worked in town at restaurants such as Karma and Sushi Go Round.

Tony says they started the truck because Fresno didn’t have a Korean barbecue truck — and as you probably know, trucks like Kogi in L.A. are staples of the gourmet food truck scene.

He says they’re still “feeling out” their route — but that Tako is on the move Monday-Friday. For lunch on Wednesdays, for instance, you can find Tako near Community Hospital downtown. On Fridays, it’s at the Manchester Farmer’s Market. Other stops are announced on Twitter. Menu and a few more pics below.




Responses to "New Eats: Tako BBQ — another Fresno food truck!"

Jimaie says:

That looks & sounds SO GOOD. I can’t wait to stop by Manchester Farmer’s Market and try a taco!

Patrice says:

They have non-spicy options also.
I had the Sliders at the CMC hospital, and they were tasty!

Sean says:

Excellent food. Thankful they are coming to CRMC on Wednesdays. And the article is right, it is spicy =)

Leon says:

I’ve had their Bulgogi burrito and Spicy Chicken burrito. Both were delicious! It’s a nice change-of-pace truck, and I’d say good bang for the buck.

Lorraine says:

I had the bulgogi rice bowl and a kolbi taco. It was a great change of pace and I’ll certainly be back for more.

Mark says:

How good was it…. Mountain Mike was the first one there and last one to leave. Thats a good indicator.

fresnobites says:

How is this pronounced? Take-o or Taco?

Either way I’m digging the menu. Looks like you can get pretty full for less than 10 bucks. If their bulgogi is nearly as good as MaRoo’s those will be some killer tacos.

On a side note, I like how they completely ripped of the Kogi food truck logo. Wonder if they’re related?

theniceguy says:


takobbq says:

Thanks Mike for the nice article and super thanks to all of you who have posted these kind comments. Our mission is to expose Fresno to a new and different experience in Korean fusion cuisine. We are excited to bring you fresh and local ingredients together with flavors that will make you wonder “where has this been all my life?”..It is truly a pleasure serving all of you..we’ll see you food roadies at a location near you! check your social media!

Facebook: takobbq truck
twitter: takobbq

btw..tako is pronounced taco..the ko represents Korea. :)