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While you’re ArtHopping tonight …

Donald filled you in on ArtHop for tonight, but here’s something else I wanted to draw peoples’ attention to: The new and improved block of businesses near the Warnors Theatre and the happenings they’re bringing with them.

Twee Boutique is having its grand opening tonight, after moving from the Tower District to its new Warnors-adjacent location. While you’re over there, you might also wanna check out another new shop Misc. Trading Co. You can also head to Frank’s Place (on the Fulton side of Warnors) where the Fresno Folklore Society has a night of music planned.



Responses to "While you’re ArtHopping tonight …"

Well, I couldn’t make it last night on a count of my own art show at the CMAC offices, but I’m definitely planning to stop in at all these places soon! So cool to see them all working together!

Jeff says:

It was TWEE-rriffic!