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7Qs #11: Kopi

For the newest installment of 7Qs, I’ve managed to nab our biggest celebrity yet: the one, the only — Kopi.

I was a judge at the Fresno City College talent show recently with Kopi and I must say, I admire the patience and friendliness he shows every single person that approaches him. And they were many. He took pictures, signed autographs, chatted with people, hugged them. He even answered some stupid questions from a dumb blogger who stuck a camera in his face.

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Responses to "7Qs #11: Kopi"

Howard says:

Kopi appeared in 3 sitcoms in the 70′s and he still carries himself around like he’s some star and frankly I find it painfully insepid and insufferably annoying. He has this crazy attitude that of course gets the young ones all jazzed up and crazy too. Anyone over 25 or 30 years old agrees to this sentiment about this failed actor turned alleged Fresno…celebrity? Really? A whacky zoo-crew weatherman turned morning show guy is….a major Fresno celebrity? Compared to who? I refuse to watch this video. Youre giving him what he wants. More illusion of fame. If you print this post I’ll be shocked. Is there something wrong with this opinion for it not to be published?

Mike Oz says:

Predictable troll is predictable.

brodiemash says:

Kopi is better than EVERYONE, especially lonely internet trolls like myself. I wish I had Kopi’s life. You better post this but I know you won’t. Don’t even know why I try. It’s kinda like that one Trophy you always try to get on “Uncharted 2″ but there’s no way you could ever get it without spending an entire weekend on getting it. So frustrating just like your unwillingness to post this comment. I mean there’s nothing wrong with this, why wouldn’t you publish this. Where’s my Mountain Dew?

Gil Vasquez says:

You forgot a Major Motion film. He was in Beverly Hills Cop 2. So, yea he is a star

Evy says:

I have known Kopi for eights years and he is one of the most kind, genuine, humble people I know. He refuses to say unkind things about anyone. For someone who doesn’t know him to say such mean things is mindboggling. Kopi doesn’t WANT to be famous nor does he even think he IS famous. But no one can deny his celebrity status here in the valley. He works extremely hard and is a very active person in our community. To put him down in any way is just ludicrous.

Howard says:

Predictable hack writer who hasnt lived in Fresno long enough to see the forest for the trees is predictable. Did I say 3 sitcoms? I meant 3 apperances on 3 seperate sitcoms. You can call them cameos. It gets Kopi excited to say this because a ‘cameo’ implies he was someone important who lowered himself to do some unheard of sitcom for a 4 minute appearance. “Cameo” is not an insult but just realistic.

I had no clue about Beverly Hills Cop 2. I saw it, but If i was Kopi, id have that BHC2 character of his painted all over that Honda he drives all around town. Im dead serious. He’d get more respect from me. He tries too hard otherwise.

Mike I love how me giving an opinion is me “trolling”.
You have no merit for your so called opinion, funny thing is, you get paid to give an opinion and thats all you can do is call me names? I cant believe you have nothing else to write about than this self appointed Fresno celebrity.
Oh wait I can. Its Easter week. Gotta take a break from all that ballot stuffed Fresno Celebrity rigamarole! Keep workin hard guys.

Howard says:

Gil, I can go through IMDb and list 1000 other extras that have more fame, credibility and dinero than this uh…..weatherman that appeared in Beverly Hills Cop 2.

Ill take your post as complete sarcasm. Well done. LOL.

Hes a weatherman people. Lest we all forget.

Hes not even some extra-ordrinary morning host. Good lord that stupid show is what 6 hours long alone as it is? And thats the best we can do here Fresno? Why is he so great? Because of those freaking smiley mugs and ties? Oooh wee! Hes a happy weatherman turned morning guy! Too bad he doesnt have 1 percent of the talent he thinks he does.

Look I dont begrudge the man. But hes not all that. He thinks he is. Hes a weatherman. Angelo Stalis is a bigger deal in Fresno. He really is

Stephen says:

Brodie is funny.

Howard, I wonder about your sources. I’ve had the benefit of being around and working alongside Kopi. I’ve never known anyone who thinks himself LESS a celebrity than Kopi.

He does have to put on a persona when he’s repping certain events like the Greek Fest, or when he’s making appearances to rep a charity. But on-set he’s all business. He’s one of the hardest working people on local TV, and was equally known as a very hard working actor. Not a star. He wasn’t ever a star and never thought so – but he was a very succesful working actor for many years. Can’t take that away from him.

Now he’s an enjoyable breath of fresh air in the morning and works hard on his appearances and on his charity work.

PS–I take it back. John Wallace is/was the most unassuming man in local television. He never said no to a charity gig – ever, and never thought himself bigger or better than anyone he ever worked with.

Lt Frank Drebin says:

For the newest installment of 7Qs, I’ve managed to nab our biggest celebrity yet: the one, the only — Kopi. <—-Sarcasm right???

Kopi is nothing special and tries way too hard on camera. He was in a movie or two, so people here in the Beehive get a little rowdy if anything remotely cool ( i.e .Hollywood connections, anything pop culture mentions Fresno and they soil themselves) touches Fresno. You wish this segment of what I guess is Fresno culture (this Beehive) would act like theyve been in the endzone before but they act anything but. Mike Oz gushing at Kopi just might be the funniest thing I’ve seen on here.

Ive heard hes a decent person off camera but whooooo cares. Who cares? The guys right. Hes just a weather guy. Hes a freakin weather guy.

Im shocked anything like these letters gets published, anyone have a problem with the moderator here? I mean with the idea that it automatically goes to mod in the first place is irritating enough. Oh looks like I am not the only one either! Fresno Bee’s mod system, or lackthereof at times, is effing ponderous itself. We dont need the constant censorship. Guess u guys only allow a certain few into your club.


CoolPolarBear says:

Kopi is too COOL!

Mike Oz says:

Obvious troll is obvious.

Mike Oz says:

Having an opinion isn’t trolling.
Posting what are basically the same comments under different names … yep, trolling.
Say hi to “Frank” for me, “Howard.”

Howard says:

Your original comment by myself was posted before Frank Drebins and yet you went to your default “troll” comment?
Typical dropout, typical. Thats all you do around here when you cant think of anything logical to bicker about? Its ‘troll troll troll’. If thats what makes you sleep at night.

Oh wait, you dont sleep with that new kid of yours Mike! Maybe thats why your writing SUCKS lately.

Sorry San Jose State dropout hack- , but Kopi is some sort of joke around here and you fell for it. You werent even aware of it until now. So does that mean the jokes really on you now, or on all these sycophant fans that he has writing in for him this morning? I would ask the dropout how Kopi did in that bracket thing yall did but uhm no one cares about that either. They pretend they do, about Ryan Beatty, but thats because they need a paycheck. God bless.

Howard says:

Evy he doesnt want to be famous?

Then why did he put on that toupee and trade his weatherman gig for running around like a total jerk in the morning trying to be a “Morning Zoo” type character?

The way he tries to yuck it up is such a fail, he belongs on morning talk like Bob and Tom. Yuck yuck yuck!!! Im serious Kopi, just stop trying so hard, go seek out a career on radio man. Hes ridiculous for the tv screen.

Howard says:

One more question that I guess the mods didnt allow through……

This the same failed actor turned weatherman who puts his face on his car DOESNT want to be well known/famous, Evy? He puts his FACE on his CAR!!!

Mike Oz says:

I call you a troll because that’s what you are. You’ve been posting the same lame insults toward me for the last six to eight months under various names on and on here. I get it. You love me. And while your dedication to trolling certainly is commendable (they keep banning you, you keep coming back — you REALLY must not have ANYTHING else to do), you’re not altogether great at masking yourself. You make it quite obvious when it’s you.

H says:

Frank, Mike, Kopi, whatever. Youre a hack who picks and chooses what he wants to address on here. Wheres all the innocent comments that never make past mod? Why cant the people see those? Why pretend I am the only one that goes through this? It would behoove yourself, and them, to provide some clarification as to whats really going on.

The reason why you never see people complaining about your mod system is because its always babysitting you.

No ones hiding anything on this end dude but the your bosses do provide you this little cocoon world to live in ever since you were exposed for being a SJSU dropout.

Mike, look at your own words Youre a “dumb blogger”.
I honestly sincerely wouldnt be that harsh. Now why get such a fussy attitude young man? Is it because the moderator only lets you see a quarter of whats really going on, and the rest IS out there but NOT for your consumption? Thats gotta be so FRUSTRATING. If he tree falls in Mikes forest and hes not around to blog it, what will he talk about next? Something he knows nothing about like FOOTBALL?! YUP.

Howard says:

In addition,
Mike Oz,
this thread was about Kopi,
the original comment was about Kopi,
and you’ve successfully now made it about yourself as well.

Mike Oz says:

Like I said: Same stuff you’ve been saying for months.

Get a hobby.


Howard says:

With a PR machine like this CoolBears and Brodie/Stephen,
Im flabbergasted Kopi doesnt have a Twitter with a bunch of fake followers thats not run by him! Hes that important people I promise you.

(Yes that happens from A list celebrities to Kopi level celebrities Fresno. Yes it does. You think Lady Gaga has 10 million legit followers? No, its been proven that they make up fake names just to overload the follower count. Thats for another thread, If they allow it)

Whoops is that okay to say on here??! Kopi, why no Twitter yet???????!

Howard says:

Okay troll Mike dont attack me next time and you wont get it back.

Address the subject and dont automatically call names. Be the professional youre supposed to be. Buh bye.

Gil Vasquez says:

Howard, I can understand where you’re coming from. I have the same views about Kim Kardashian as you do with Kopi. Why is she famous? But I or we can’t dispute the facts that they are famous, her being world wide & Kopi being Central Valley wide. And whether you think he’s a hack or I think he’s kind of entertaining, that isn’t gonna stop him from being recognized & taking pics with random people around town. Now, who do I think is the most interesting weather person to be in Fresno – Elita Loresca

Kevin says:

Perpective time:

If you ever wanted to be behind a camera of any sort, a mic, a stage, a podium behind some teleprompters….Anyone and everyone from Cronkite to Kopi, from Jenn Lipp to Art Bell, from Sheakespeare to Paviorotti to G.W.A.R to those American Idulls, from Polk to Obama, from John Wayne to El Guapo in 3 Amigos, they all felt they had some sort of “talent” to share with the public, whether that be classified under “celebrity” or “public figure” or your basic “fame”.

Some of those above, and all in between, have more juice than others.
Some are strong. Some are weak sauce. But they all share one thing in common. They all sought out “celebrity” status.

To suggest that especially Kopi does not want to be publically acknowledged, in droves in my opinion, is just slightly asinine. You guys do realize he drives around in a car with his logo emblazoned all over it?

Lt Frank Drebin says:

Speaking of someone who thinks theyre a valuable commodity to the Fresno area.

Hi Mike Ego.

Thanks for editing/censoring this post mike.
I had asked if the headline was supposed to be sarcastic. Had a big arrow pointing to it, and everything.

Mike Oz says:

Not a word has been changed in this post or its headline. Can’t say the same about the names you comment under, Frank/Howard.

Stephen says:

Howard/Frank, unlike you I post under my own name, Stephen Mintz, and always have.

And Kopi wasn’t a ‘cameo’ on the series “Soap.” He was a regular.

And like I said, I’ve been lucky to work with over 100 stars/actors, and Kopi really is one of the top 5 great people to work with. His enthusiasm and love for Fresno is infectious.

And he drives a car with his picture on it because his job requires him to – KMPH isn’t in the news business, it’s in the marketing business – it just happens to do news/weather/sports in the morning. It’s job is to constantly promote itself, and promote it’s local celebrities (note I said ‘local’).

Spend a half-hour with Kopi someday, then come back here and post how you don’t like him or he doesn’t deserve the praise we throw at him.

Also, please stop comparing Kopi with actual national celebrities or stars – he’s a local celebrity only, and believe me, he’s fine with that, and like he should, he uses that celebrity to both promote KMPH and to promote the many MANY charity events he freely gives his time to – just like Stephanie Booroojian gives to breast cancer events, just like John Wallace did for every event, just like Knarley Charley does every time you turn around.

And to turn it around completely, Howard/Frank, I’ll give you your turn: Post here under your real name so we can view the charity events you help with. Cuz I’m betting it’s less than 1/10th of what MikeOz does for the Central Valley.

Ayden says:

Richard Kiel is a local celebrity. Kopi does the news.

Terra M says:

Wow, Frank/Howard. Why so bitter? Have you ever met Kopi personally? If you haven’t, then maybe you should re-evaluate where all this anger is coming from.

Also, Mike Oz is awesome and while I’ve never met him personally, I enjoy his writing here and for the Bee and I think it’s insane that you assume he has a huge ego! Wack.

Ayden says:

If Kopi only wants to be known LOCALLY then maybe the Beehive shouldnt mislead the public with the above headline, wouldnt you presume? Didnt you just have a contest to determine who is the biggest celebrity here?

Kopi came no where close to the sweet sixteen. But yet look at your headlines. Ever heard of Tom Seaver? Richard Kiel…..But Kopi is the biggest grap yet? Pathetic!

What exactly does he DO besides have a bunch of STUPID energy to go no where fast with? Please enlighten me. So hes kind. A lot of us are extraordinary humans….. Except a lot of us dont seek a public ass kissing for it.

Marketing, my ass. He puts his picture all over that car becuase hes….ok folks im sorry but here comes the truth….hes an attention w.h.*.*.e……If he wants to promote the station and the news I can think of 50 other KMPH releated things to put on there that would better promote the SHOW and not HIM! Capiche? Sweeet.

Mike Oz says:

The headline says “7Qs #11: Kopi” … TOTALLY misleading.

Ayden says:

In the bold print it says that, Youre right.

Can you read the litrerature below it? You know the part that says ~our biggest celebrity~

…..Do you also notice a lot of excessive gushing? Whether it be a stupid blogger or a college audience crowding him for his signature?

Just sayin’..Lets aim higher next time Bee. Kopi reads the news, the same headlines on a 15 minute loop each morning. Am I missing anything here?

He reads lines off a teleprompter that have been written for him. I say lets do a 7 q’s with his writers and makeup men, the turtle is just as important as the shell.

Mike Oz says:

It says he’s the biggest celebrity in the 7Qs series — which I wrote to mock the lack of “celebrities” in this series.

Tommy says:

I ignor Kopi usually,but I have to admit that he seems a bit more famous now thanks to the rantings of Frank/Howard.Hey Mike?Is that how I sound at times?LOL!

The Fresnan says:

These are the times I wish Bloggiest Moment Of The Week was still around.