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ValleyWho: Ryan Beatty has something to say

On-the-rise pop singer Ryan Beatty won The Beehive’s ValleyWho game, knocking off notables such as Pat Hill, Chris Colfer and William Saroyan along the way. I met with him Sunday to give him his award. But Ryan, 16, had something he wanted to say about the award and about ValleyWho.

In other Ryan Beatty news: Sunday proved to be a good day for the kid. He was on the weekend edition of “Access Hollywood” and his current single was played on influential L.A. radio station KIIS-FM.

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Responses to "ValleyWho: Ryan Beatty has something to say"

congrats ryan!! i think you made a ton of new valley fans because of the way u carries yourself. good luck (even though u don’t need it) with your music!

Heather says:

Ryan seems like a sweet kid who someday will make Fresno and Clovis proud. I wish him much success in his career. says:

What a classy young man. Very impressive.

cjade559 says:

Wow.He is showing some class and respect. Congrats Ryan!

Jeffrey Whitaker says:

Way cool!! Congrats Ryan!

Tommy says:

Darn it Mike.After all my trash talking about ValleyWho…you pull out this video.Nice kid,hope he goes far.