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ValleyWho Central: The final two, the final hours

Well, ValleyWho is all over but the votin’. In these final hours of the final round only your votes will decide who gets to wear the ValleyWho crown — Chris Colfer or Ryan Beatty. Figuratively, of course. We didn’t get an actual crown.

Anyhow, deadline to vote is 8 p.m. today, so go here and vote. Even if you haven’t participated in previous rounds. It’s cool. Just vote.

A little bit on how the two of them got to the finals:

Colfer: Defeated California Raisins and Trent Dilfer in the first two rounds, Kopi in the Sweet 16, Philip Levine in the round of 8 and Audra McDonald in our final four.

Beatty: Defeated Pat Hill and Steve Perry in the first two rounds, David Mas Masumoto in the Sweet 16, Richard Kiel in the round of 8 and William Saroyan in our final four.

The pairing of Colfer and Beatty in the finals has created quite the stir in social media circles. Good, bad and just funny — here’s some of what’s flying around out there.







One thing Saroyan lovers should be happy about is that ValleyWho has given us the @WdotSaroyan Twitter account.


Responses to "ValleyWho Central: The final two, the final hours"

Duke Basil says:

What a waste of peoples time…geez

Mike Oz says:

Because you disagree with the concept? Or because you don’t like the results?
No one was forced to participate. Those two did, hopefully had fun with it. That’s all it was for.

Heather says:

Gotta chuckle at someone wasting his time to tell us what a waste of time our fun little Internet game was.