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ValleyWho: The Final Two — Colfer vs. Beatty

Our final matchup proves that ValleyWho was indeed a young man’s game. The bracket of 64 is now down to two — “Glee” actor Chris Colfer and rising pop singer Ryan Beatty.

A little semi-finals recap: Beatty beat Saroyan handedly, getting 67% of the vote, and, actually, getting more than twice the votes Saroyan did. Colfer/McDonald was closer — with Colfer winning 53% of the vote.

So will it be the 21-year-old Colfer, a Clovis East grad, a Golden Globe winner and one of Time Magazine’s 100 most influential people? Or Beatty, a 16-year-old with a rabid online following who has been pegged as the next Justin Bieber, both by us and by Access Hollywood?

Voting is open now. You decide.

Responses to "ValleyWho: The Final Two — Colfer vs. Beatty"

Larry Rubinow says:




katbon says:

Valley Who? I don’t know if I care anymore. OK, yeah, I voted.

Moadster says:

I give up.

kidcapri73 says:

I’m not sure what this final or the ultimate winner will prove. Certainly not the original intention of finding the most iconic person to represent Fresno. Don’t get me wrong, both guys are very talented. Chris has done Fresno (and Clovis) proud and I hope Ryan becomes a huge star, which he seems to be on his way to becoming. But Fresno’s most iconic representative? Not even close.

Mike Oz says:

I guess people have different ideas about the intent of the contest. As the person who had the original idea, my intent was to create a game that people could have fun with.

If whomever anybody was rooting for didn’t win, I’m sorry. That’s what tends to happen in these bracket tournaments. Just ask Mizzou fans. But here’s hoping it was fun for a couple of weeks.

jackrodwell83 says:

never heard of either of these two scmucks

Famous says:

I am with Mike, and I’ll refer to a comment I left over at Fresno Famous


“Lighten up and enjoy it. Or don’t. But don’t spoil it for those who are. It is just a bit of mindless fun that ultimately serves no real purpose other than wasting a few minutes of your day checking in on the ‘tight’ races. There is nothing wrong with that.”

Kiel says:

Fresno: Home of the online voting fiasco.

Kiel says:

Also of note is that both of these kids have left Fresno/Clovis to make it big. Hopefully, they will have some positive influence back here and give back one day.

Kiel says:

Keep up the good work guys.

Stephen says:

yeah, but it’s not fun any more.

I’m out.

birdbaby says:

Well at least my top three made it far. :)

kevin says:

Nope! My whole family still lives here including Ryan :) infact we’ve lived here for 38 years. My wifes family even longer. In total, with, brothers, sisters, cousins, grandparents and grandkids, there are about 39 Beatty’s living in Fresno/Clovis! Lol. We love it here. Ryan works 4 days a week in L.A……..but Fresno is our home. And we are grateful to call it that! We’ve raised 6 incredible children here and wouldn’t have had it any other way :)

Tony Persons says:

Mike, great idea! Great fun! Best tweet about the contest came from Ryan Beatty when he said he was voting for Saroyan! Haha! For that, the kid gets my final vote and I hope he wins it! Good times…Viva Fresno

Ray Arthur says:

I have to agree with Stephen … OMG, I’m agreeing with Stephen! … It was fun, now it’s not. Wondering by what percentage the voting participation dropped off in the late rounds?