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ValleyWho Central: Can Ryan Beatty be stopped?

The semi-finals of ValleyWho come to a close in four hours — go vote! — and despite even his own best efforts to sway his minions, rising teen pop star Ryan Beatty continues to look unstoppable. Even against local hero and literary icon William Saroyan.

On Monday, Beatty himself took to Twitter and said he was voting for Saroyan. But would his fans listen? So far, it sounds like the Team Beatty isn’t emulating its leader.


In the other matchup: I hear things are tight between Audra McDonald and Chris Colfer. Once again, it could come down to just a handful of votes, so be sure to cast yours before 8 p.m.

I’ve know at least a few people are pulling for a Saroyan-McDonald final, but what if it ends up being Colfer-Beatty, who I believe, between the two of them, have a whopping 37 years on this planet?

Responses to "ValleyWho Central: Can Ryan Beatty be stopped?"

Stephen says:

Saroyan/McDonald final = legit

Beatty/Colfer final = quit

birdbaby says:

Looks like you underestimated the power of teen fans with internet access. Plus I think everyone listed in this game were winners. :) <3

kidcapri73 says:

I agree with Stephen. I know Chris is a very talented actor and does Fresno proud, and I’m hoping Ryan will be a huge star someday, but this title of Fresno icon wasn’t meant for either.