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Concert News: Big Fresno Fair 2012


Two up-and-coming headliners and two comedy vets are the latest additions to The Big Fresno Fair’s concert lineup. And there are two ticket price changes you should know about too.

The fair added teen pop singer Ariana Grande (from the Nickelodeon’s “Victorious”) as the afternoon act on Oct. 13. She’ll play at 1 p.m. and be joined by local pop singer Ryan Beatty, a rising star in his own right. Tickets cost $12.

Rapper Kendrick Lamar, current protege of Dr. Dre., has been added for Oct. 6. Tickets cost $10-$15. We last saw him opening for Drake at Save Mart Center.

Comics Cheech & Chong will now join funk band War on Oct. 3, the fair’s opening night. Tickets have been bumped up to $20-$25. In another ticket price change: the Lynyrd Skynyrd concert on Oct. 4 has dropped to $40-$45 from $42-$49.

All these are in addition to Weezer, which was announced a couple weeks ago.


POSTED MAY 14: For those of you bemoaning the lack of more modern acts on this year’s Big Fresno Fair concert schedule, two more acts have been added. And they’re both pretty current.

Rock band Chevelle plays Friday, Oct. 12 and rapper Tyga (he of “Rack City” fame) performs the next night, Oct. 13. Tickets for both shows cost $15-$20.

Scroll down for more fair concerts, ticket prices and how you can buy tickets before they go on sale the public.


POSTED 4/27: Another act added to The Big Fresno Fair’s concert schedule: Foreigner.

The classic rock band will play Thursday, Oct. 11 (which, btw, is the fair’s food drive day — fair admission is free with four cans of food). Tickets for the concert will cost $23 and $28.

Foreigner, you may recall, opened for Journey at Save Mart Center recently, and had the place rockin’. Scroll down for the initial batch of concerts announced for this year’s fair, which now have ticket prices too. Tickets are still scheduled to on sale in August.


POSTED 3/23: It’s not too early to start thinking about the 2012 Big Fresno Fair, is it? Hope not, because we just got the first batch of concerts that the fair has booked for this year:

Oct. 3: War ($10-$15)
Oct. 4: Lynyrd Skynyrd ($42-$49)
Oct. 8: Kenny Loggins ($15-$22)
Oct. 9: Toby Mac($20-$25)

Tickets go on sale to the public Aug. 6, so we’ll get them before that, obviously. There’s also going to be a pre-sale starting July 30 for members of the Big Fair Fan Club, an e-mail list you can join for free.

Expect more concert announcements soon. And expect to find them here on The Beehive.

Responses to "Concert News: Big Fresno Fair 2012"

Cheen_Gao says:

Yawn. Is that the War that has one original band member?

Ryan says:

Yeah, that looks about right.

michael says:

Still waiting for Lowrider Band to pull through Fresno. Original members of War: Howard Scott, B.B. Dickerson, Lee Oskar & Harold Brown make up this band. In other words, still waitin’ for the original War.

FRANK says:

Boooooo. Who books these “acts”? Bakersfield is way ahead of Fresno in booking great shows and concerts. This 1- 2 good shows a year just for a to show you Fresno will always be smalltime. SMH

NGarcia says:

Hmm. The Madera Fair had a better lineup last year. Hopefully they announce some better acts later.

George B. Feist (DUKE) says:

The Yardbirds have been touring for years now…they have two original players, and the musicianship by the current line up is amazing….try getting them!!

Wanda Jackson is touring and has played with the WHITE STRIPES band members.

Robert says:

You all can boo hoo and make more room for me to sit and enjoy one of my favorite rock icons, Kenny Loggins!!!!!!!!!

robert says:

I dont see fresno on skynyrds tour dates

Mike Oz says:

Probably just not updated yet.

Steve Matranga says:

I want “METAL”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jason says:

Um… I just checked my calendar and it says we are still in 2012! Maybe the Fair chould check theirs? I think it’s stuck… War? Skynyrd? Kenny Loggins? Maybe they are filming the new Wayne’s World movie.

Steven says:

I can’t wait to see tobyMac…

And where is the rest of the line up? There should be a concert every day and that’s only like 4 or 5 shows listed…

Mike Oz says:

That’s all they’ve announced so far. More will start trickling in, and we’ll post ‘em when they do.

Dave says:

Wow can’t wait to go with all these great venues. NOT! Waste.

naomi wadsack says:

Big deal! Where are the rock bands?? Last year Godsmack tore it up

Will Jones says:

Tyga…..REALLY?!!!!!! Dam Fresno Fair…..this is sad!!!

DRP says:

Chevelle is gonna be siiiiiick! Been wanting to see them for a while!

Christy says:

Yea, so happy to see Chevelle added! They’re one of my top 5 bands. I first saw them at the Fresno Fair back in 2005 :)

Cheen_Gao says:

I agree. War isn’t War withouth Lee Oskar on the harmonica and the rest of the originals.


To Michael and Cheen_Gao, WAY TO BE!! So glad you both know what’s up and who the REAL WAR band is! It’s wrong what has been done to the original artists of WAR, and they should be getting the WAR respect that corporate owned “WAR” has been taking the credit for, for decades now. Keep “delivering the word” to any WAR fans you know, and maybe the OG’s might see justice served in their lifetime. Peace.

Raquel says:

Yay Chevelle! I think they are one of the most underrated bands! Definitely going to that show <3

Nelly says:

I want to take my little sister there to see Ariana Grande, because she’s a huge fan, but thing is I’ve never been there lol
Are the tickets at the door type of thing or do we buy them online?
Would appreciate the help(:

Jess says:

Where’s the country artists? This is a county fair right?

lynn robert says:

Why can’t u guys get artist like Paso Robles and Madera and Tulare,etc. The acts u get for the most part are terrible and not worth going to. Wake up.

Renee says:

Excited to see Toby Mac!!!

Super Roots Hydroponics says:

Super Roots is sponsoring cheech and chong Everyone come in and check out the store!!

D. A. says:

I haven’t performed at the Fresno Fair for quite sometime. If your all wanting to listen to a great band that plays good R & B, rock, Latin and country. Come on out to the wine and Garden Stage for free and sit back and really enjoy yourselves. We’ve sold out at chukchansi, played at the Cal Midstate Fair, San Antonio Tejano Fan Fair, and I have just shared the stage with Los Lobos in June of 2012. Entertainment you want? You’ll will find it there. OCT. 7th. 8 pm at the Wine and Garden stage…. See ya there!

hey im vince the management of blockgiant ent.i have an artist that goes by the name mac3.he is and up coming artist that is hot in the 209.we was number 1 for two weeks on the b95 home grown and been making moves every since.the song that was number 1 was called(everybody).he opened up for many artist.just to name a few.young jeezy,too short,e-40,keak da sneak,j-stalen and more.what is it he has to do for him to git a spot at the fresno fair?

phaedra' hooked on jazz band says:

Bobby Joe Neely One Man Band a must see show
srarts at 9am he will wow you