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ValleyWho: Onward to Round 2


Round 1 is done and now ValleyWho Round 2 is up to you. Voting in the round of 32 started this morning and runs until 8 p.m. Tuesday. So get those votes in.

There are some intriguing matchups — Colfer vs. Dilfer, Perry vs. Beatty, Seaver vs. Radka. This is gonna be fun to keep an eye on. But first, let’s recap some of what transpired in Round 1:

  • Teen pop singer Ryan Beatty and his rabid fanbase pulled off a wild comeback to swing a matchup that Pat Hill had been dominating throughout. Beatty lovers made up a more than 20% deficit in the final hours. Going up against Steve Perry in Round 2 is going to be a task for Team Beatty.
  • The Almond Regional was full of late surges. Patrick Contreras got close to Nick Watney, Stefani Booroojian almost topped Richard Kiel and Gnarley Charley got within yee-hawing distance of Christopher Gorham. It was the Booroojian/Kiel pairing that ended closest. Kiel won by 47 votes.

  • ValleyWho proved to mirror the NCAA Tournament in big upsets. For those who don’t follow basketball, a pair of No. 2 seeds fell in the that tournament, which is a huge deal. Our Cinderellas are The Waving Lady (who knocked off No. 1 seed Alan Autry), actress Heidi Blickenstaff (who took out No. 2 seed Sid Haig) and Jenifer Alcorn (who handily KO’d No. 2 seed Ray Appleton). Actor/Internet personality Anthony Taylor (No. 13) also managed to give the boot to K-Fed (No. 4).
  • The biggest trouncings of the first round: Crazy Bernie (only 12% of the vote against the mighty Audra McDonald), Kasey Kahl (13% against “Mr. Fresno” Al Radka) and Barbara Van Arnam (18% against Tom Seaver).
  • At the end of Round 1, we had 2,199 registered voters.



I asked the rest of the ‘Hive to name which outcome surprised them the most.

HEATHER: I’m shocked and sad that Sid Haig did not advance.

DONALD: Ray Appleton getting trounced by Jennifer Alcorn. In terms of name recognition, Appleton was king. And he could have used his radio show as a bully pulpit to encourage listeners to vote. But I think he wanted to stay as far away from The Bee as possible — and Beehive voters showed they’re not exactly Ray’s target audience.

RICK: It was shocking to see how poorly the local media did in the first round. Only Kopi Sotiropulos made it to the second round among all of the current TV and radio personalities on the list.

KATHY: I was most surprised by the Sid Haig upset. I thought his lengthy resume and accomplishments would be unbeatable in the first couple rounds.

MIKE: Graciela Moreno?!? NOOOO! I predicted her going to at least our Sweet 16.


2. We also pondered which second-round matchup is going to be most interesting to watch:

HEATHER: Colfer/Dilfer is interesting to me. There are a lot of sports fans in the Valley, but also a ton of theater kids. Not sure who has the edge here.

DONALD: I’m going with Theodore Kuchar vs. Art Dyson. Both are highly respected and will likely appeal to the same demographic of voters. Kuchar’s advantage: The Philharmonic’s Facebook page has 5,000 friends.

RICK: The matchup between veteran rocker Steve Perry and young Internet sensation Ryan Beatty is an interesting showdown and a real battle for the ages. Perry fans — don’t stop believing.

KATHY: I like the battle between athletes Laura Berg and Jenifer Alcorn. It’s a tough choice between these two dynamic women. And both were strong first round contenders, so I think this will play out as a close match in round 2.

MIKE: Since Rick mentioned Perry/Beatty, I’m going Anthony Taylor vs. Bobby Salazar. Taylor was able to take out K-Fed, which was somewhat foreseeable since K-Fed isn’t the most esteemed dude around town. But Bobby Salazar brings plenty of name recognition to the table — and chips and salsa.






Most interesting Round 2 matchup? Most surprising Round 1 finish? Go! 

Responses to "ValleyWho: Onward to Round 2"

Stephen says:

I like Anthony Taylor to take out Bobby Salazar. Bobby’s has great food, but also big Tower fights, and frankly felons don’t do too well in these bigtime competitions.

Plus, the Bobby’s crowd isn’t exactly the voting/Beehive crowd – unless the Beehive is suddenly offering free beer for votes.

kidcapri73 says:

The Raisin Regional seems to unfairly have too many top contenders. Saroyan, Radka, Seaver (I’ll even throw Pessano in there). They should have been spread out as all of them could easily be final 4 pics or even the eventual winner. A shame only one of them will advance to final 4.

Toughest pick for me is Gorham vs. Masumoto. Chris is such a steady and fine actor in so many projects, he seems to continually be working on quality stuff. David has such a strong presence as a farmer (which, of course, is Fresno’s first and foremost claim to fame), and as a writer who regularly touts the good qualities of the Valley.

Stephen says:

I’m giving Mas points for staying home. Chris Gorham has done well, but I don’t see him pushing the positives of Fresno.

And I agree with you on the seedings – the Almond division is filled with the toughest choices for sure, but I think the choosers thought there would be entirely diffeent results. I’m sure no one thought Ray Appleton, Sid Haig and Alan Autry would go out in the first round.

Bryan Harley says: