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Tonight: Bow before the beard of William Fitzsimmons


Singer/songwriter William Fitzsimmons and his epic beard make a tour stop tonight at Fresno’s Starline

Fitzsimmons plays gentle folk music with a little electronica on the edges now and then. You might recall that he played in Fresno previously at Frank’s Place.

Tickets cost $15 and you can get them in advance from Love the Captive. It’s an all-ages show, which means Starline won’t be serving booze. But you can pop next door to Starline Grill and grab one if you’re old enough to imbibe.

A big shout-out on the illustrated flier. Diggin’ it very much. I hear it’s the work of Jordan Wiebe and Neighbor Collective, which also did one for the upcoming Black Milk show. Bravo!

Responses to "Tonight: Bow before the beard of William Fitzsimmons"

Kris_gee says:

Thanks for posting about this event! I was able to catch the 2nd half of his set after work. He was a real delight. I hear the opener was really great as well (didn’t catch his name). It was a well attended show IMPO, with a diverse crowd. I think a few people brought their parents? They seemed to enjoy LOL.

He seemed to really enjoy the crowd and had an array of instruments in his set from an electric guitar to a banjalaelee (sp?). He was charismatic and witty in between songs. The beard is always funny. He said everything he says is funny because his music is so depressing. Haha. Enjoyable show. Glad he made a stop here and I hope he comes back.