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ValleyWho play-in: Carr vs. Dilfer


We’re a mere two days away from the reveal of our ValleyWho bracket — where your votes will crown the Valley’s favorite local icon. Buuuuuuut: We had trouble deciding between two popular Fresno State QBs: David Carr and Trent Dilfer.

We debated back and forth until we decided the best thing would be to do what the NCAA does. Have a play-in game. So head over to our Facebook page and get your vote in for which quarterback deserves a spot in our field of 64. Dilfer is a current ESPN analyst who won a Super Bowl quarterbacking the Baltimore Ravens. Carr, meanwhile, is a former No. 1 pick who was on the cover of Sports Illustrated. He won a Super Bowl this year as the back-up QB of the New York Giants.

The choice is yours on our Facebook page. Voting is open until 11 a.m. Tuesday.

Responses to "ValleyWho play-in: Carr vs. Dilfer"

texasmama1 says:

Troy Dilfer is my favorite because he is a nice, Christian man who acted with grace & strength through what was the most difficult time of anyone’s lives (the loss of his son) while his team treated him shoddily by firing him when he had to take time to be with his dying son instead of playing a stupid game. God bless him!

Stephen says:

TRENT Dilfer for sure. David Carr is also a nice Christian man, but this isn’t about nice or about dealing with a horrible loss.

This is about fame, celebrity and local pride.

David Carr did his thang, but David didn’t win a Super Bowl and David’s thang is now gone. Trent is now one of the top analysts on ESPN.

Trent FTW.