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ValleyWho: Who are YOUR No. 1 seeds?


Yesterday, we announced our upcoming ValleyWho game — which will crown our favorite local icon through a March Madness-style bracket where people you decide the winners. As followers of the real March Madness know, right now is when all the hoops pundits are projecting seedings.

So let’s do the same. Tell us, people of Fresno and the Valley, who would be YOUR four No. 1 seeds? These are, in effect, the top four contenders, the four favorites.

This won’t change our rankings at all. Our field of 64 is finalized. We’ve spent about five hours debating and arguing — so we know how difficult it is. But we thought it would be fun to see who you guys would pick as the top seeds in each of the four brackets. Ready? Set. Go!

Responses to "ValleyWho: Who are YOUR No. 1 seeds?"

karmakaze7 says:

top of the list should be Steve Perry, Cher, William Saroyan, the Alvin and the Chipmunks guy (David Seville), Sid Haig, and maybe Kevin Costner.

Shortcake Nerd says:

Audra McDonald
Ray Appleton
Josh Koscheck

Legends o'The Valley says:

Rafer Johnson (never ceases to inspire)

Tony Persons says:

Writers: Saroyan, Levine
Actors: the dude who played Jaws in Moonracker, the kid who played beans
Artists: Varaz, Bertoldi
Music: McDonald, Lucia Pamela

k.pizzle says:

Joey beezle

Howdy Doody says:

Top Seeds-
Political Bracket: Ashley Swearengin
Entertainment Bracket: Audra McDonald
Media Bracket: Mike Oz
Misc. Bracket: Kevin Ferderline

kidcapri73 says:

How exactly does this “competition” work? Do readers have any say in how the brackets weave their way to the final four, then ultimately the winner? Or do you just gradually reveal who you’ve already chosen to move on from one round to the next?

Mike Oz says:

Each round’s winners are determined by votes of the people. Voting for each round will last 2-3 days, winners move on, losers go home, etc. We’ve only chosen the competitors and seeded the brackets, the rest is the will of the Valley.

Peter Robertson says:

Need more guidance to make this work for me:

1. Currently living vs. Used to live in Fresno?
2. Born in Fresno vs. Transplant to Fresno?
3. Alive vs. Passed away?



Mike Oz says:

Either, either and either.
Our bracket includes all of those types of people.
Here’s my easy answer: don’t overthink it.

pk says:

William Saroyan
Dan Pessano
Audra Macdonald
Ross Bagdasarian (the Chipmunks)

CR says:

Audra McDonald
Dan Pessano
Chrisopher Gorham
William Saroyan