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Win tickets to see Drake tonight

Drake. 11x17.jpgUPDATE: Congrats to our winner, Eddie Smith. Enjoy the show. Thanks to all who entered. Everybody come back tomorrow and leave your reviews of the show.

ORIGINAL POST: I literally just got off the phone with the Save Mart Center with two great pieces of news for Drake fans: (1) A bunch of seats opened up for tonight’s show. They pushed the stage and video screens back a bit. Boom! More seats. Hurry to Ticketmaster or the Save Mart Center box office if you want them. (2) We’re giving away a pair of FLOOR seats to tonight’s show.

You want those free tickets, it’s easy. Just leave a comment below telling us why you love Drake. No multiple comments allowed. You’re ineligible if you’ve won something from us in the past 30 days. 

Deadline to enter is 4 p.m. A winner will be notified by e-mail, so please leave a real address and please check it. Our winner wll have about a half hour once notified to accept the tickets. If not, I’ll pick another winner. Complete rules below.

Only readers who submit a comment on this post are eligible. One winner will be picked at random. Recipients will be notified by e-mail or phone at the end of each giveaway period. No substitutions or transfer of winners/prizes. Prizes are not redeemable for cash. Some prizes may have due dates for redemption/use. Employees and immediate family of The Fresno Bee, and any/all of the participating giveaway sponsors, are not eligible to win. By accepting a giveaway, recipient consents to allow the use of his/her name and/or photograph for advertising or similar promotions without further compensation. Winner releases all sponsors of liability regarding use and enjoyment of the prizes. Tax liabilities and insurance, if any, are sole responsibility of the winner. No purchase necessary to win.

Responses to "Win tickets to see Drake tonight"

Veronica M. says:

Because his music is the ish && he is soo cute ;D

jason w says:

He’s soooo dreamy! lol

Art Pineda says:

As a musician, i appreciate the sound and the lyrics this boy can spit out.

M. Isaac says:

Drake is an amazing artist and I would love to see him perform!

Juan says:

I enjoy his music because he isn’t always talking about money money money…”i don’t own no ice i just got clean rap”…he tells stories about his life….not all rappers can do that. Most are too busy telling us how much money they make and how the spend it…blah blah lambo blah blah blah 200k on my watch blah blah blah g6 blah blah


BAG says:

I WANT TO SEE DRAKE SO BAD. He is one of the best rappers in the game!

I have been waiting for y’all to do a contest!!
He is my favorite because he is doing something that no one else out there is doing. He is very innovative with his music and doesn’t follow the crowd! YOLO!

Plus my sister is in love with him and I’d love to take her. It hasn’t been the best WeeK for her and it would be a perfect chance for her spirit to be lifted!!!!!


Michelle Santoyo says:

I don’t “love” Drake, but my best friend does, and I love her. ♥ YOLO

Julio says:

Pick me!

chris says:

I love Drake because he continues to put out one Banger after another with a positive sound

Damian R says:

So Far Gone was a dope mixtape! Plus I want to see ASAP Rocky and Kendrick Lamar

Bobby Velasquez says:

The dude is a “game changer!”

Amanda says:

Ive been a fan of Drake since he played Jimmy Brooks on Degrassi! <3

Danny says:


Jamie M says:

Love Drake?!?! Not I! However, my wife does and so I would LOVE to win a pair of tickets to Drake so that I could please someone that I do LOVE!

rob says:

i love drake because he has kendrick lamar and asap rocky opening for him

suzanna nunez says:

I like drake because he doesn’t play hard. He has an interesting perspective on life and where he’s at in life, he also has an differemt perspective on women, and how to take care of one. Instead of other rappers refering to women as hoes. He talks about heart break and things that men and women can both relate to. He is young and raps like if he has had more experience in the game. He talks about times that he messed up and how he couldnt fix that. He has alot of talent and enjoys what he does. That why he likes to make sure his fans have a great time. soooo plllleeaaseeeee let me win those tickets :)

chris oviedo says:

I wasn’t able to get tickets for my wifes she’s furious and will not let me forget it. Pleas help?

Devin M. says:

Because who else can go from geeky kid on a Canadian kids shoe where he was a basketball star confined to a wheel chair from a school shooting to Lil Wheezy’s right hand man?!?! And I can’t get the motto out of my head and would love to hear it live :D

Jamie says:

I love Drake because he is a really talented musician not to mention easy on the eyes ;) I would looooove to win these tickets it would mean the world to me :)

Elena says:

I’d take my boyfriend. We haven’t had a date in forever because we both work way too much.

Geno says:

Because I love Canadians, man!

lisa castillo says:

Its my 10 year wedding anniversary… great gift for us.

Chris R says:

Drake is one of the most gifted Hip Hop artists out there today. From Degrassi to the top of the rap game, wow!

mdub420 says:

I love Drake because he’s a good looking Canadian.

Caitlyn says:

I LOVE Drake because his music speaks to me more than any other new artist has in years! He motivates me in interviews I’ve read and lets be honest, HE’S SEXY!

richard carranza says:

Pick me

luis solis says:

Drake is very talented and has been doing his thing very well. I heard his shows are very entertaining.

tony castillo says:

My girl is bigging me to take her

Vanessa Gutierrez says:

I’ve been in L.O.V.E. with DRAKE ever since Degrassi & when he got shot and put in a wheelchair, my heart about died & broke. He is absolutely handsome. Just hearing his voice puts me on cloud 9. And his songs, what more can you ask for from a singer. Pure perfection in my eyes ^.^

Gabriella says:

I love Drake for so many reasons! But for the most part its because of his personality that shows through his music. With every song you seem to get to know him more and more. I really think he has changed the game of hip hop.

Luke Scholar says:

I love Drake because back in the day when I watched him on Degrassi, I never in a thousand years thought that he’d blow up in the music business and blend R&B and hip-hop so smoothly and make catchy music, yet sound educated and sophisticated when interviewed, unlike almost every other rapper that I can think of.


So Far Gone, Thank Me Later, and Take Care are probably some of the sickest albums out there right now. His lyrics are unforgettable. It’s the kind of music that you are humming on your way to work or while working out. You catch yourself singing parts of his songs during random parts of the day, without even realizing it. i have loved drake from the very first mixtape that i found when i stumbled upon it on myspace…Room for Improvement. IT WAS DOPE. this kid from degrassi can spit some words. oooookayyyyyy!

Drizzy has crazy talent. All the way. You FANCY HUH?


Sy ochoa says:

I hope I win, that would be super cool, my girl really wants to go but it was sold out.

Guadalupe says:

I love Drake because he is so dreamy!! I would love floor seats to tonight’s show!

Britty Reddie says:

me pleeeeeeeeeeaaaaasssssssssseeeeeeeee :) :) :)

Rosalee says:

Drake’s lyrics reach all age groups. I would love 2 win these tixs 4 my soon 2 B 16ys old. Her b-day is in 2 wks & this would make both her & her momma so happy.

Maribel says:

I love his music. Would love to go see him :)

Alexis Ceja says:

I want to see Drake because all my friends bought tickets and I wasnt able to, during that time because i had to pay my tuition at school, FPU. I would really want to go see him. I love his music. I hope you pick me. :) thank you.

Nhia Yang says:

I want to see Drake b/c he’s got some real music and isn’t just all about his hype.

carlos says:

Because you CANNOT hear his music without singing along to it…..

LosDoyers says:

Because he was the first to circumnavigate the globe. Oh, wrong Drake.

Janice M says:

Drake is one of those guys you can’t stop listening to once the song starts changing radio station isn’t an option. And another reason is without him my high school lingo would be out of touch today. I wouldn’t understand or converse with my little sister. Haha.

Stephanie says:

Knew about him and his music before he came here. Back when he was jimmy on degrassi

ANN says:


Nola says:

His lyrics are catchy. But I liked him from Degrassi.

Carlos says:

I really like that sprite commercial he’s in…. 1st name greatest lastname ever…

Michael says:

I’ve been listening to drake since “Comeback Season” and till this day i still listen to him. He is one of the best in my opinion. Sadly i wont be attending the concert although i’d be glad to, and it’d be a blessing to get the privileged to do so. Please and thank you, God Bless and Take Care!
OvOxO! (:

Corona says:

His music is great!

It's Me says:

His songs are the B-O-M-B!!!!

Lynnette says:

I would like to win these tickets because I have been baby sitting my niece for the past 2 and a half months, due to the fact that my newest niece is in Valley childrens hospital since she was born 3 months early. I didn’t buy tickets because I knew my babysitting duties will be in full effect until May. These tickets would mean the world to me especially since all of my friends are going.

S, Villa says:

I wanna go see Drake because he is an AMAZING perfomer and I hear his shows are full of energy.

Navpreet Jaspal says:

Cuz his music is real shit

Felicia says:

He’s a great musician n I would luv to be able to take my hardworking man somewhere for once!!

Mario M. says:

Because my gf loves him & anything 2 make her happy ;-)

Deena says:

Because I think he has positive messages to send to the youth. His phrase “YOLO” You Only Live Once” encourages youth to make good decisions. Would love to take my daughter to congratulate her on making good decisions recently. Would be a great gift to inspire her to continue to do so.

James says:

Drakes songs are all that and more. Pick me!!!

Juanita says:

I don’t want these tickets for me- I want them for my daughters I recently lost my job and just cannot afford them. They would be a great 17th and 14th birthday gifts for them!

Elizabeth m says:

I want to win 4 my daughters. They love him.

paricia terry says:

your seriously asking WHY? who dosent love drake i know i do!!! i would love to see him live in concert it would make my day & my year!!!!

Kenneth says:

DRAKE is amazing!!!!!!!!!who wouldn’t want to go to this sold out show!!!

Buddy Brasel says:

My girlfriend is the biggest Drake fan ever! She’s been watching Degrassi since it started! I wanna do something special for her! This would just top the charts!!

Tambra says:

Cause his music is fun and his voice is unique.

johnnymgl16 says:

he is a dope rapper, im really excited to see asap and kendrink.. nd i cant wait to see who is a special guest

Andrea Rojas says:

I would love to go to the concert because Drake is capable of doing this: The cover of Take Care says it all: Drake sits forlornly in the depths of a mansion he could’ve bought from 1970s Jimmy Page, slung over a golden goblet of $50-a-glass painkiller. Dude probably had sex two minutes ago, but he looks like his dog just got run over by a garbage truck.

Read more:

and so much more with his music, and I’d love to see how arrogant he is on stage. Plus I love concerts!

Erin says:

Drake is the man! PLEASE pick me for the tickets! ;)

Josie Ochoa says:

I hope I can win these tix for my son he really wants to go

Alex says:

Because he’s a new skool cat with old skool story telling & work ethic. He’s one of the hardest working in the business & took advantage of his opportunity. Lyrics, beats, flow & an all around great artist for all ages. Speaks about things that all can relate to. An MC, singer, rapper, entertainer, actor…for the people bottom line. Always has himself out there & pushes his brand. Enjoy the show tonite all!

Heidi says:

I love his voice!!

Cynthia says:

I’ve loved Drake since his Degrassi days! Choose me, pretty please :)

James says:

Please pick me. Drake’s songs get me dancing! Whoohoooooo

Laura says:

Because his music gives me goosepimples!

MP says:

Drake is an amazing and unique artist! I would LOVE to see him in concert to hear his and see the types of visual effects he uses. && I would take one of my friends to their first ever concert. :)

Gabriel C says:

I like his music especially duos with Rick Ross I want to take my bros to the concert it will be nice if I get those tickets for my bros

Sylvia says:

YOLO…. Pick me!!! I’m a huge fan!! <3 It would totally be awesome to be there soo close and take my sister.. Would totally make the last year of my twenties a best one to remember!

Nancy says:

I want to go so bad but the tickets are just too much money :(

You know honestly, being a musician, any interesting music catches my ears. His beats are creative and his lyrics are aspiring. It gives me motivation and ideas for new realms I never thought I could explore with my music. Call It the young perspective, I call it inspiration.

Brittany says:

I want these tickets because I love Drake.!! It would be so exciting and fun to get to see him!!!!

LowRaine says:

I love Drake because he’s handsome & talented. Need I say more??

Tina Gonzales says:

drake spits stright game in all his lyrics.:)

renee lopez says:

I wanna go see him n plus havnt been out with friends since my son was born he’s four now. Would be a great place to go for the first time.

Melissa says:

Drake has a great voice… Would love to see him perform. :)

Mike. Garcia says:

Nice, I hope I win…

amy says:


Kim says:

I love Drake he’s so sexy and his song are the greatest <3

Lauren M. says:

I’ve liked him since degrassi, but I think my little sister loves him the most, so it’d be cool to be picked so we could go!

Veronica Yslas says:

i would love those tickets plz… i love drake so much

Marlen Zavala says:

I have all his mixtapes and literally love his lyrics and think he is a good ballad singer as well. Loved h im on Degrassi also.I don’t need a pair just one ticket! Pretty please so I can see Drizzy Drake!!! I heart him! Muah

Toni says:

I would love to take my daughter :)

teven85 says:

YOLO, so I’d love to win me some tickets to this concert!!!

Juanita says:

I don’t want these tickets for me- I want them for my daughters I recently lost my job and just cannot afford them. They would be a great 17th and 14th birthday gifts for them!

Emmanuel says:

He is musically a continuation of aaliyah and i loved her music

Rene says:

Cause he has two of the biggest names in hip hop joining him. He organized a dope show for hip hop fans.

Roberto Cobian says:

You already interviewed me Oz, you already know I’m a huge fan!! Especially based off what I said and how I feel about him and why I like him! Getting a seat upgrade to see one of my favorite would make the experience incredible!!

Cody says:

His songs seem to find a way to express what he’s goin through while still connecting the me and my situation.

mike says:

Because mixtape drake is better than new drake…but he’s still better than most

What up mr. Oz!

Ana Ballon says:

I absolutely love everything DRAKE has been apart of I have all of his records and know almost all of the words to his songs. I have quoted him more than ANYONE. I was unable to purchase tickets cause of the cost. If I won I think Id cry!!!

Daniel says:

I want these tickets because my brother-in-law and i are really big fans of Drake,his wife was gonna buy him tickets for Valentines day but they were sold out and she was kinda bummed and i’m hoping for a last shot to get these.

Veronica says:

Because he’s awesome<3

Veronica Hurtado says:

I want to win these tickets because I love his music.

Dan says:

Because Drake, like Bieber, is Canadian and is blowing up the charts. That, and he was on Degrassi – who doesn’t love an episode of Degrassi? Sure, it’s no Boy Meets World, but it’s the Canadian version, and that’s all those Canadians have.

And oh – he just talks versus actually ‘singing.’ If he’s got that much talent in just ‘talking’ I want to see this bad mamma-jamma rock the Save Mart Center.

Please/Thank you.


I am a huge fan of Drake and would luv to win the two floor tickets to his concert. Also I am a huge fan the the Fresno Bee and the Beehive lol…. by me winning it would make my day so can u PLEASE help this 62 year old poor woman win so i can go see DRAKE with my daughter!!! Thank You Fresno BEE!!! I Hope I get chosen…….:)

Steve R says:

Because my daughter loves him so much!

Adrian Mendoza says:

My son loves Drake and his music helped him through a tough time trying to figure out what kind of a man he wants to be and with his music helped him stop going down the wrong path. He recently saved his cousins life by performing CPR while on vacation and because of him he was able to get him to hospital for brain surgery and he is recovering fine now and they would go CRAZY if they won this. Thank you

ZDO says:


Brian says:

Because I want to take my fiancée she loves his music

I’ve been a fan of Drake since he was rapping on Degrassi. In a wheel chair, or out in the real world he is an amazing artist. For those commenting saying he doesn’t rap about money and fame, maybe you should pay more attention to his lyrics because he does A LOT. But what gets him more credit is rapping about other aspects of life, like the realness of modern relationships heard in “Marvin’s room”, and instead of straight bragging about fame, talking about the effects it had on himself and his family as he “transitioned in from fittin’ in to standin out” in “Say What’s Real”. A true fan doesn’t fall in love with the fad, they fall in love from the beginning and root for them to gain their way to the top and that’s what I’ve been doing from the start. I wish I had the money to put down for such an amazing performer, but life doesn’t always work that way. I spend most of my time working and picking up extra shifts to barely get by when I’m not in classes instead of living out my 20 year old life in crazy experiences. I really hope you guys give out the tickets to a true deserving fan (a.k.a me ;)lol) because a chance to see Drake live in concert would definitely be an experience to remember. Especially since Kendrick Lamar is also going to be performing as well and I absolutely LOVE him too <3 haha good luck everyone!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3

Ivan says:

I can’t say I’m a huge Drake fan but I enjoy Kendrick Lamar’s and ASAP Rockys records. I appreciate Drake for his music but recognize the talent of his opening acts. I want to take my girlfriend to see Drake and enjoy his opening performances myself so it’s perfect.

David carrillo says:

He keeps it on point. Not trying to be someone hes not. Ex officer ricky lol.

Gabriel Bustos says:

I really want this tickets cause im drakes biggest fan i have you only live once tattooed on my chest. My email is octobersown my gamer tag is ovoxo gabe im just a huge drake fan

Michelle says:

I would love to take my 9 year old daughter to see him…she loves all his music…and it would make her happy… Work n to job to get through life in bills its hard to buy tickets to go see a great person. Sooo I really hope u pick us…thanks Michelle :)

Jae says:

I’d love to see Drake because he’s himself regardless of what anyone says and I dig that about him.

Erica B says:

I would love to win tickets because being a single mother of 2 times are tough and every single parent deserves some time away from the kids every now and then. and of course I do love Drake and everything he represents through his music.

Brandon Herion says:

Drake is Da Bomb!!! Hope I win these tickets so I can impress my lady!!!

Michelle says:

I would love to take my 9 year old daughter to see him…she loves all his music…and it would make her happy… Work n to job to get through life in bills its hard to buy tickets to go see a great person. Sooo I really hope u pick us…thanks Michelle :)

Jo says:

Adore him!

Sara Aceves says:

I love Drake for his personal story and how he became what he is today. I am proud of his accomplishments. Of course he’s cute too.

Eric Fernandez says:

Because I made a promise to my daughter that I would do anything in my will power to try and get her and her mother tickets to go!

Stephanie Morris says:

I am writing on behalf of my son who is a huge Drake fan! He was recently in an accident while on vacation with us in Mexico in January. He suffered severe brain trama and had to have emergency surgery to relieve a blood clot in his brain and to relieve pressure. His cousin is a huge Drake fan as well. My nephew did CPR on my son to bring him back to life before his surgery and while my son was in the hospital in Mexico, Drake was on Degrassi and my son and my nephew started to talk about Drake and all of his obstacles in life and how he overcame them. Drake’s story and his music gave my son the strength to get better and recover fast enough to be able to travel home. I truely believe Drake and his music helped my son thru this tragedy. If he won these tickets, it would really mean the world to h and allow him to enjoy his music on a happier note.

Brittney Fladger says:


Erica B says:

I would love to win tickets because being a single mother of 2 times are tough right now and sometimes single parents do need time away from their kids every now and then. and of course i do love Drake and everything that his music represents. Hopefully I can win!

NancyGomez says:

Please pick me I want to go!!!!:)

Jose Vidales says:

His music is great but I love my wife, and she loves Drake, so it all makes sense why I would want to win those tickets.

Brittany says:

Because I watched him grow up while I grew up! I watched him start rapping when he was in a wheelchair on a canadian show, and then transform to an american rap icon.

Kimberly l says:

I would like the tickets for me and my daughter,she works so hard , and she loves drake !!!!!!

Eli says:

please please please please!!!!!!!! i love drake and want to see him soooooo bad.

he’s the best i ever had!

i absolutely love him for his entire story of life, and how he doesn’t follow the crowd with the rap game. he does him and thats it.

Gilbert Felix says:

I don’t deserve these tickets, but I HELLA want them cuz Drake is my boi!! #Degrassi #ThankMeLater #TakeCare #YOLO

Carl Oliver says:

Id like to win, cuz its not thar often that a performer/rapper to his Caliber comes to Fresno. Id like to be part of Fresno’s warm welcome to him. & my wife deserves a night out. She’s dying to go and would love to dance the night away.

Jackki Hirahara says:

I want to win tickets because I work 60+ hours a week and listening to Drake Pandora helps get through those long days. I would love to take my day off to see Drake and have a fun break from my crazy work week. Thanks for this chance!!

celia cedillo says:

I think I should get the tickets :) I’m like the only one out of my girls not going…….

Andrea says:

I love drake because when my 4 old month baby is crying is just need to put the motto song and sing it to her and she calms down!! Amazing lol

Emily Katherine says:

I can’t believe I found this link. This has got to be the most exciting part of my day/week/year. My best friend and I are extremely huge fans of Drake. This morning when I woke up for work I text her and said “This is the saddest day of our lives” because we weren’t going to the concert tonight. It would mean the absolute world to us to win and would definitely be an unforgettable experience. As Drake would say You Only Live Once…. Fresno is very lucky to have a newspaper offering this kind of give away. Thanks!!!!!!

Caitlin Stevenson says:

He doesn’t know it yet, but he is going to be my husband so I need to go to his concert this evening.

Kim says:

My daughter loves him!!!!!!

Carlos says:

I would love to win tickets to see him! I’m a full time student and work full time so it is hard for me to ever go out and enjoy anything. It would be perfect because I could finally enjoy myself! A lot of people on here have great stories as to why they deserve them so I pretty much know my chances are slim to none :( either way, whomever wins I hope they have an amazing time!

Samantha says:

He speaks the truth in his music. You only live once!

Jasmine says:

I want to see what snazzy sweater he busts out for Fresno.

Samantha says:

He speaks the truth in his music. You only live once!

John says:

Love his music, period

Alex says:

His music is great! He is very talented.

Frederick Williams says:

I need these tickets bad, I want to win them for a friend of mine for his birthday who is a huge DRAKE fan. Hopefully I continue to have the luck of the Irish and win these tickets. God bless.

Joanna sustaita says:

I like drake cause i enjoy his music and used to watch him when he was just jimmy brooks.

Kalila says:

I want tickets to see drake for my sister. She means the world to me and all I want to do is get her tickets. I can’t afford to buy us tickets. All I have been doing is listening to the radio stations and I haven’t won anything yet. It would mean a lot to win tickets to see him!!

Marissa says:

I love Aubrey Drake Graham because he isn’t always what you expect. Not only is he a classified Candadian thug, but he can also write some lines that really make you think about the life everyone wishes they had… and when you get tired of those songs and need a boost, you can play some of the lighter stuff and dance your heart out!! OVOXO – Marissa

ANgel Rivera says:

I Like Drake music because i can really relate to some of his songs, and also I think if i was able to take my girlfriend to this concert it would be a dream come true for her.

Laura Hirahara says:

Drake is the BEST !!1!11!! I love his style!!!

Tirza Ramirez says:

Hi, I would love to go see DRAKE in concert. He is a very talented artist. He puts a lot of heart & soul into his songs, he is so greatly admired by many & myself. Yes, PICK ME!!! I’M READY TO GO!!!

anissa says:

he’s original with his music and it’d be nice to take mty boyfriend before he deploys for Afghanistan next week!

Leslie spraetz says:

I would love to take my 14 year old, he lives getwith his dad and I never get to see him

Chuck says:

Wanting these tickets are an understatement! Been a Drake fan since 08! I need these tickets and would do just about anything for them!!!!

anissa says:

Because his music is original and it’d be nice to take my boyfriend before he deploys for Afghanistan next week

Tracy says:

I want to win tickets for my daughters! They love drake and are great kids!!

pangcha says:

yay! Drake!

Mike perez says:

Me and my gfriend love his,music…its for her bday

ElsaR uiz says:

I love Drake because
his music talks about almost everything.
And I love his voice

C.j. says:

The music hr makes is like modern day soul and r and b. He has the looks and talent. A musician to look up to and a lyricist to listen too. A true story teller.

Krystle says:

I love Drake because he speaks to my generation!! He is such and inspiration with his lyrics and is a true artist that loves his fans and his craft!! This would be my first concert ever, I would love to experience in Club Paradise style. I am truely a die hard fan of Drake!

Natalie Salas says:

I think he’s gorgeous and totally wanna see him in person! Aside from the fact his music is awesome!!

Mike perez says:

My gfriend loves his music, its for her bday!!!

Jim R. says:

I would like to win these tickets for my ‘daughter’. She is the one who says she “loves Drake” and has never been to a concert at the Save Mart Center. I think it would be a nice early birthday gift (April – Bday) from and her dad.



Brittney says:

I love Drake because he’s an artist showing us aspects of his life through his music.

caprice says:

he is gorgeous!!! It would make my year to have floor seats…

Elsa says:

I love Drake because
his music talks about almost everything.
And I love his voice

Priscilla Gonzales says:

I would greatly appreciate a night out and would take my sister for a great night of fun and memories. Thank you!

Deb Hebert says:

Please please pick me !!! I love him sooooo !!!

Jeff G. says:

you only live once – YOLO. show me the money!!! I’m trying to loose my virginity tonight Drake will help me get it in. C’mon man I’m a desperate college student help a brother out. winna winna chicken dinner!!! Pick me pick me right here right here!!!!!

Adrian Dominguez says:

His music puts you in one of those moods where you could be falling off the edge of the earth but as long as the musics playing, its all good! :) I need this concert! Please :)

Tom says:

I want to get better seats than my daughter.

norma jean molina says:


Diannah says:

Drake has an unique appeal for the music and lyrics created. Dynamic artist…Impressed!!!

Dave Hebert says:

I sure hope I win. It would make me so happy. This guy is great !!

mike b says:

Drake is great

Lisette Gonzalez says:

I’m writing on behalf of my son who is a huge Drake fan. Drake is the one thing my son & his dad have in common…his dad is currently deployed and my son loves to listen to Drake because it reminds him of his dad :-)

Matthew E. says:

This is certain to be a fantastic performance. :)

Suzanne says:

Me and my guy would appreciate the tickets just because it would be nice to have a night out! Our son just turned a year old in February and any time alone is great!

Ally says:

I have been trying to get ticked I am a huge fan

Manuel says:

Ive been a big fan of drake for long time but i also have a lot of respect for the other artists that will be with him. I heard chase n cashe will be there ad being a huge underground hip hop fan it would be amazing to see him along with asap rocky and te asap mob and kendrick lamar and hopefully the rest of tde is their.

Susana Cristobal says:

Drake’s song lyrics are unforgettable!

Kris says:

I like Drake because he makes my daughter happy! I tried to get her tickets from the ‘tooth fairy’ when she had all 4 wisdom teeth pulled 2 weeks ago but they were sold out!

Gwen says:

WOW! I cannot believe I could GO TO THIS CONCERT and be on the floor…be still my heart! I WISH, I WISH

Nicole says:

I actually am not going but I promised my younger cousins I’d get them tickets and by mistake didn’t get enough, I was 2 short and didn’t find out until yesterday :( I’d love to surprise her so that the 2 people that didn’t get them could go! I will let them let them know of the release of more tickets but if I win the drawing that will be super surprised! And I won’t feel like I let anyone down! Thanks!!!!

Lauren says:

I love Drake because his music is absolutely the key to my heart! CANNOT WAIT!!! He speaks the minds of the ladies of the world! Errrrday!!

Denise says:

I love Drake!!!! Been watching him throughout Degrassi when he first started rapping on that Show as Jimmy and listen to his underground stuff until he signed with YMCMB!!!!

Hilary says:

I love DRAKE and want tickets because he is
D- Dreamy. That goes without saying.
R- Real!… His raps are about him and his life experiences. Not just about being rich and famous.
A- Awesome. Something we have in common! ;)
K- Krazy. The good kind!
E- energetic. I hear his shows are fun and energetic and I need some energy tonight! :)

Pick me please!

christina hernandez says:

I love his music……. He is the best and I also love the fact that he has songs with Nikki Minaj . shes an incredible singer as well

Denise says:

I loooove DRAKE!!!! been wathcing him rap since he played Kimmy on Degrassi, and followed him with his mixtapes until he signed with YMCMB!!!! ive been trying to get tickets but they were sold out before I got a chance!!!!!!

cont6506 says:

*Fingers Crossed*

3rd grade teacher at risk youth, total of 96 students, CST California State Testing countdown, in it to win it cuz team work makes the team work!!!
Miss Valdez

Eddie Smith says:

“I’m from basketball-crazy Kansas and the only Drake I’d ever heard of was once the 16th seed in the NCAA tournament. That is, until I moved to Fresno just more than a year ago and heard “Best I Ever Had” on the radio. I’d been hearing a lot about this so-called rap music all my life, and “Best I Ever Had” was the best I’d ever heard. I’ve always wanted to experience something besides bluegrass in person and this is my shot. Please help me gain some culture and get this once in a lifetime experience.”

Nichole M says:

Because my husband and I have a babysitter tonight!! (that never happens!)

Robert says:

Drake Came out and changed the rap scene. He gave everyone a new style that they could enjoy. Much respect to him for that!

NancyGomez says:

Pick me!!!! I really wan to go!!!! PLEASE!!!!

Jay says:

So my gf wont feel alone at such a good concert

Gabrielle says:

He picked a great opening act!

steven lucero says:

I’ve been a fan since his first mixtape evenon degrassi!!!! I’ve been waiting for the tour forever and wouvv
ld like to take my girl!!! There hasent beeen a big hip-hop concert since jay z please hook me up!!!!

ndrea camacho says:

Im sooo obsessed with this man!! i fell in love from the moment i saw his beautiful face on Degrassi!! i have his albumss and im utterly and completely addicted to him! im totally bummed i couldnt get tickets! u wil b making this woman pretty darn happy! PUH-LEEZ!! I wil do anything!!!! (: #TakeCare

Brianna B. says:

I would love to surprise my sister with tickets!

Lina says:

Because I’ve been a Drake fan since day one when he started acting in degrassi until now I’m and always will be. Please pick me! Thank you

john says:

Just give them to me. I deserve them. Who are all these other people?

Eric says:

Drake is the most talented artist out right now. He’s got the raps, and now he has that R&B style working for him. I’ve been a huge fan of him since the day Wayne signed him to Young Money. I would love to see him live in my hometown. I’ve never seen Drake perform live, and on top of that I’ve never been to the Save Mart Center, this would be perfect.

Gabby says:

So glad I saw this before 4. Please pick me!

Brian says:

I love drake cuz he was rad on degrassi high, and he’s canadian!

Janie says:

Its DRAKE … enough said! :) he is a true artist!

David Munoz says:

Drake is Tupac, Kanye, Jay Z, and Bruno Mars all in one!

Attie says:

Drake he’s in his hammock till the great Armadas come,
(Capten, art tha sleepin’ there below?),
Slung atween the round shot, listenin’ for the drum,
An’ dreamin’ arl the time o’ Plymouth Hoe.
Call him on the deep sea, call him up the Sound,
Call him when ye sail to meet the foe;
Where the old trade’s plyin’ an’ the old flag flyin’,
They shall find him, ware an’ wakin’, as they found him long ago.

Briana says:

I love DRAKE, I think alot of people like him so much because a lot of people can relate to his lyrics. He is extremely talented to put your thoughts on paper, all the while rhyming and all. He is real he  does not rap about guns and shooting people and selling drugs because he is not about that .I admire him so much & I would love to see him in concert tonight.

Megan Smith says:

i love drake i may not be his biggest fan but my sister is and if i win thoses tickets i will never take the smile off my face nor will my sister

Kelly says:

Would love to win to give to my 14 year old son because he loves Drake and how many times can you win tickets and be a hero to your son at the same time! Pick me!! – for him!!

Elizabeth Castillo says:

Is it 4pm yet??? Patiently and axiously waiting for the email that says I am the winner to go see Drake tonight. PICK ME PLEASE!

Brent Almario says:

I do want Drake tickets that would be sick as hell. I’m on campus as well so it’d be a nice 5 minute walk for me. Please and thanks :]

lisa says:

i love drake. I’ve been a fan of his since his Degrassi days. i would love to be able to go and take my daughter she would love it. She is a huge fan.

Denise says:

I love his music!!! Been listening to him before he became mainstream an I’ve been trying so hard to get tickets but because of people backing out I waited too long to get them!!!!! I really want to see him!!!!!!

Gabe says:

Would not mind wining, big fan of drake, and the bee. Hope I win!

mike b says:

Who won?

Mike Oz says:

Winner has been e-mailed. Waiting for confirmation before I post. Winner has 30 min. to respond or I’ll pick someone else.

Teresa says:

So my pregnant friend and I can go have one last might of fun before her baby comes on Monday!!

NancyGomez says:

I’ve been checking my email and nothing :(