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Save the Date: Beehive Birthday VII


The Beehive is 7 now. We had a birthday a while back. We didn’t make a big deal about it, so you didn’t notice. Besides, we both know what’s really important about our b-day — the party!

Today we’re happy to announce the details: We’re doing an after-hours shindig at Rotary Playland — open to adults and kids. There will be beer (gotta have beer at a Beehive bash, right?), rides, prizes, Scoopy and all the usual fun stuff that happens at our birthday party. There’s a $5 admission charge, but that gets you UNLIMITED rides. Yes, even the train. And kids? Well, they’re free if they’re 12 and under.

It’s happening Saturday, March 31 at 6:30 p.m. And you know us, we’re going to have a bunch of fun Fresnocentric extras that will make this unlike any other time you’ve played at Playland.

One thing — tease, tease — that will play a prominent role in Beehive Birthday VII is an announcement we’re making this afternoon. So stay tuned for that and more updates on the fun we’re putting together for our annual Beehive bash! We hope you’ll join us.

Responses to "Save the Date: Beehive Birthday VII"

cool. Sounds like fun!

valerie says:

sounds awesome! ill be there! beehive bashes are the best :)

Terra M says:

I will be there! Love these cool Fresno events that get me out and about. :D

Lucii says:

You’re having it at the Rotary Playland?! Who ever thought of this is a genius! Nothing else screams “Fresno!� like spending the day at Rotary Playland! My old hang out place with my mom =) but now I can enjoy it as an adult and with beer?! FTW!

Can’t wait!

Loleita Hardamon says:

How do you voite for 1 of the 64 contesants??