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Rumor control: The Drake concert is NOT canceled


I guess we couldn’t let tonight’s Drake concert come and go without a little bit of drama, could we, Fresno? Last night, a false rumor about tonight’s sold-out Drake show at Save Mart Center getting canceled spread with vicious fervor.

I’ve checked with the promoter of the concert, Live Nation, and I’m here to tell you that it’s not true. 

Drake IS coming to Fresno. The show is NOT canceled. Everybody on Facebook and Twitter saying otherwise is WRONG. Got it?

It’s amazing how quickly it happened, really. But I guess that’s social media for ya. I heard it from two different well-connected people around 5:30 p.m., checked it out, learned it was false, but the rumor train had already left the station. The rumor continued to circulate late into the night.

Diehard fans were freaking out, Drake haters were reveling and the Fresno haters were doing what they do best.

The worst part of this? Not that it will affect the show any. It’s sold out. If someone bought tickets and then didn’t go because of an unconfirmed Tweet, then they’re a fool. The worst part is how quickly everybody believed this. Geez, people, get better at life. Just ’cause something is on Facebook or Twitter doesn’t make it true.

Responses to "Rumor control: The Drake concert is NOT canceled"

Anon says:

These rumors were ridiculous from the jump because Drake performed last night in Davis, CA and the concert was a tremendous success. A quick twitter search of “Drake Davis” will confirm this. These rumors were started by one individual TOMMY OLSEN, through various Facebook accounts, who has his own nefarious reasons for spreading such filth. It’s really a shame. Everyone one have fun at the show tonight.

Howard says:

All 17 year old girls and homosexuals can breathe a sigh of relief.

mdub420 says:

Haha DeeJay Tommy Olson with the S on his chest?

Anon says:

@mdub420 Yeah that guy

lisa castillo says:

Ready to win drake tickets

Tommy says:

This “Anon” guy is crazy…it was my own teen daughters who first caught the rumor on facebook of Drake getting the flu or something.I did however post it on a fresno profile as a question if it was true or not….lol…you however are a funny guy Mike…err…”Anon”.

Tommy says:

Kind of knew you wouldn’t approve the comment I made for this one….lol

Tommy says:

I take that back…very cool!

Tommy says:

Like I said…I didn’t start the rumor but posted it as a question that few people before me were already flooding Facebook with.The only problem with me is when I share stuff via facebook VS. other promoters in the valley…it’s like lighting a match to a forest doused in gasoline.Now here is what I posted on my Fresno profile and people ran with it pretty quickly.
“Drake got the flu and cancelled the Fresno show?That’s whats going around all over Facebook.There was suppose to be a huge after hour party somewhere too,but not too late to make other plans.”

….lol….in a way “Anon” I guess you can say I didn’t help the situation.

Tommy says:

And *Nefarious* as in extremely wicked or villainous?Really?That reminds me that I really want to see the Avengers movie coming out…lol.