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Introducing: ValleyWho — a game that will crown our favorite local icon


Next week, we’re launching a March Madness-style bracket game that will crown the Valley’s favorite local icon. It’s called ValleyWho and much like the NCAA’s basketball tournament, it’ll start with 64 hopefuls and eventually wind down to one glorious winner.

There’s a big difference between this and a basketball game though: You control the outcome. Your votes will decide which FresNotables move on in the competition. Think about it: Who’s more loved, Kopi or Chris Colfer? Christopher Gorham or Tom Seaver?

The entire Beehive crew has spent weeks poring over our homegrown heroes. We’ve brainstormed, argued and had to make some tough calls. Our field of 64 — featuring people from The Bee’s coverage area, from Tulare to Merced — will be revealed March 14, rankings and all. Voting starts March 15. The winner will be revealed March 31 at Beehive Birthday VII.

Until then, we leave you to stew in anticipation.

Responses to "Introducing: ValleyWho — a game that will crown our favorite local icon"

kidcapri73 says:

Are these living icons or does it include ones that are no longer around? I know you didn’t ask for nominations and you’re probably not accepting any, but I sure hope you include some from the past. Guys like Bob Mathias (2 time Olympic Decathlon champion), Dutch Warmerdam (world record holder for something like 10 years in the pole vault, reaching heights no one else could for a long time) and the person I think is Fresno’s most popular and most loved celebrity ever, Al Radka. I don’t there is currently or has ever been a local tv personality to match his level of celebrity. Kopi? Just a pretender, next to Al (I think Kopi would even agree with that)

Mike Oz says:

Living, dead, whatever. We’re not accepting noms. Our field is set.