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Rome Nightclub closing? Not quite


Rumors are flying today about the oft-troubled Rome Nightclub at the oft-troubled Granite Park.

Hardly a surprise with that place and its history, but kinda surprising because it had seemed like things were going smoothly lately.

The big rumor: Rome is closing. Secondary rumor: The Kreayshawn show for Fat Tuesday is canceled. Rumor check: Multiple sources are telling me neither of those are true.

Here’s what people with knowledge of what’s happening are telling me:

  • The club’s GM and its owner had a falling out. GM Pino Borrelli isn’t with the club anymore — and deleted his Facebook page associated with the club.
  • The Rome Nightclub website and its Facebook page are also gone.
  • The Kreayshawn show is still going on — despite the ticket-selling site for the show getting zapped too. (So long as the show is happening, our giveaway will still happen too).
  • While Rome isn’t necessarily shutting its doors right away, don’t be surprised IF that does happen within a couple weeks.

Responses to "Rome Nightclub closing? Not quite"

Stephen says:

Well, I can only hope it’s owner, Mr/Ms NotVartanian can get it together, lest there be more charges of some sort involved with Granite Park that never seem to really happen (whatever DID happen with Milt Barbis and all those charges???)

Gil Vasquez says:

Their twitter page is still up with recent updates. Well on @romefresno profile. There’s another Club Rome twitter, @club_rome, that it too has had recent update since yesterday. Which ever one is their official twitter page.

JJJJ says:

I thought this place was successful?

Also, Mike Oz, could you find out what happened to the Mid-town market? I went by on Friday, but there was nothing there. The people at Don Pepe’s said it had only been opened for two days and then never again.

Mike Oz says:

It’s successful — from a money standpoint.
But that doesn’t always make a biz structurally sounds. (i.e. the first go-round of Iron Bird Cafe)

Bouncer Dan says:

I heard Kirk Vartanian is on felony probation and trying to mess with club. He’s not even allowed in a club or own one. He always hustles people out of their money.

Michael Rodgers says:

I heard the Kreayshawn show is cancelled and Club Rome is now out of business.I also heard from several sources that they don’t really like African American people to frequent the club.However all the concerts there are always ghetto rap shows.Such as TOO SHORT, E40, Baby bash, Rodney O etc;

Mike Oz says:

I’ve been told many times tonight’s Kreayshawn show is still happening. Whether Rome is open after tonight remains to be seen. Some folks are saying it will be. Some are saying it won’t be.

Perry Lo says:

Mike I can’t wait until you hear the real story. Kirk Vartanian frauded Fresno’s people out of money with his business. Now he is trying to fraud them out of a place to hang out. 5 years of probation for his felony and he hangs out in nightclubs?? His big lips speak lies. He needs to be deported.

Jose says:

The correlation is between African American people and ghetto rap shows is astounding especially considering I went to the E-40 and the Too Short and they were both about 80% Hispanic.

Dan says:

Given the history of this joint I’m not shocked. The moment Channel 47 reported the murder on Gettysburg last weekend was linked to Rome, I figured the club’s days were numbered.

Jered says:

The club is not closing anytime soon just a few disgruntled employees posting nonsense on Facebook.