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The Day the Music Died (Again) — because idiots on Twitter killed it

Well, America, we’ve found something worse than the Grammys: Idiots who comment about them online. Buzzfeed has been killin’ it today with collections of stupid Tweets and Facebook updates.

Here are the most appalling offenses, in order:

3. People who don’t know who Bon Iver is. In and of itself? Not too big of a deal. They’re a (mostly) under-the-radar hipster group. But some of these Nicki Minaj fans are heated. Oh, and some of them think the group’s name is Bonnie Bear. Lulz at you, humanity. Get better at Google. Here’s the entire list. Here’s a Tumblr dedicated to this too.


2. Women who want to get beaten by Chris Brown. It’s bad enough that tool got so much TV time last night, but when women are proudly professing they’d let Chris Brown beat them up, aren’t we as a society failing? (Yes, I’m well aware most of them are just saying that they’d let Chris Brown have sex with them — which is still troubling). Here’s the entire list.


1. People who don’t know who Paul McCartney is. These people edge out the Chris Brown people mainly because the Chris Brown people are volunteering to get beat up. Not knowing who Paul McCartney is? It’s understandable if you’re young and you have lame parents who never introduced you to The Beatles. Not knowing who Paul McCartney is and getting all vitriolic about it? You need to have your Twitter account suspended for gross idiocy. Here’s the entire list.



Responses to "The Day the Music Died (Again) — because idiots on Twitter killed it"

Brock says:

We should be filled with envy towards those people who get angry about not knowing who Paul McCartney is. Imagine having so little to be upset about in your life that not knowing who an old guy with a guitar is something you feel justifiably upset over. I mean, wow! That’s one charmed life they’re leading.

The irony is that Paul McCartney probably takes great comfort in these boneheaded tweets. After 50+ years he’s finally regained some measure of anonymity.

Carrie says:

Wow, all I can say stupid is and stupid does and “Let it Be.”

Casper says:

23. Who the f*** is Bon Iver??? Where is Kanye when you need him???

Kanye is probably producing another track to have Bon Iver sing hook on

big daddy says:

Just goes to show you the state of our society we care more about some gansta rapper with a fifth grade education and rotten teeth than the world we live in,,, high gas prices,world on the brink of war, child molesters running wild in our schools…God where is the asteroid to end this ignorant existence when we need it !!!!!!!!!!!

Mike Oz says:

Which gangster rapper?

Damian says:

the “beat me chris brown” kind of reminds me of the “F__K my girl based god” nonsense that was going on last summer

wienzer says:

click to die just a little more inside